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CNN's Jim Acosta Gets Taste of His Own Medicine at Trump Rally

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CNN White House correspondent Jim Acosta has earned a reputation as being someone who is rude and unprofessional, often blurting out questions and yelling over other people to be heard, always being antagonistic of President Trump and those in his administration.

Acosta was recently blasted for how he conducted himself at the press conference for the summit Trump held with North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un, where he blasted him with questions. And let’s not forget his shouting questions at the president during the Easter egg roll event, which was supposed to be a fun day for kids, not a time for asking political inquiries.

Well, Acosta finally got a taste of his own medicine after attending a Trump rally stacked to the gills with folks who view the president as their hero. Big mistake.

At President Trump’s planned rally in South Carolina, members of the crowd began chanting “Go home, Jim” to the famously combative CNN correspondent.

According to other videos posted by reporters at the West Columbia arena, chants of “CNN sucks” could also be heard, mimicking a chant in which Mr. Trump orchestrated the crowd at a rally in Minnesota last week.

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One woman, identified as Maria Rojas, began berating Mr. Acosta personally as he stood in the reporters’ section.

Acosta has more or less done the same thing to the Trump administration ever since the president was sworn in, so it seems fitting that he experience a bit of his own rudeness played back on himself.

Journalists are supposed to be professionals who gather facts so the rest of us can make informed decisions. They’re not supposed to be hacks who push their own agenda.

Perhaps Acosta has finally learned his lesson. Probably not though.

Source: The Washington Times

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