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CNN's Jim Acosta Gets Told Off By President Trump For Asking 'Nasty, Snarky Question'

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CNN’s Jim Acosta knew he was being a wise guy. He knew his intentions were to rile up President Trump, but he didn’t care. And that’s the problem with the mainstream media.

So long as liberal “journalists” get the soundbite they’re looking for from Trump, they’re good.

Who cares about reporting truth and facts, right?


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Acosta has been ripped apart by Trump possibly more than any other “journalist” since he first took office.

Of course, that’s because the activist masquerading as a reporter puts himself in a position to be bashed.

After Trump addressed the nation and banned travel from Europe to America for the next 30 days, Acosta blasted POTUS for saying something that was 100% factually accurate.

From Washington Examiner:

After President Trump announced a series of initiatives to combat the spread of the coronavirus pandemic, CNN anchor Jim Acosta speculated Trump’s address to the nation “smacked of xenophobia.”

As CNN anchor Chris Cuomo hosted a reaction panel to Trump’s Wednesday night Oval Office address on coronavirus, Acosta said the public will perceive the remarks as being xenophobic.


H/T: Right Scoop

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