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College Baseball Game Gets Called-Out for the Wildest Reason

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In my younger days, I had spent many a summer intrinsically intertwined in the everyday operations of baseball  venues.

Yes, I know what you’re wondering, and, yes, it was great.

My experience spanned not only the around-the-corner college team, but the big leagues and their A-deisgnated brethren as well.

Even having spent a well-saturated lifetime in the baseball world, has not prepared for the absurd news out of the collegiate circuit this week.

It happened Saturday during the eighth inning of a game between Jacksonville State and Jacksonville University.

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An osprey flying over Jacksonville’s John Sessions Stadium with a fish in its claws was harassed by a bald eagle, causing the osprey to drop its prey onto the grass in shallow right field.

Play was momentarily halted as the eagle circled the stadium. But before it could pounce on the abandoned fish, Jacksonville outfielder Connor Stephens ran out of the dugout and scooped up the fish in a towel.

And, because you absolutely have to see the nonsense to believe it …


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