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Comedian Cancels Show at Venues That Require Proof of Vaccination

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In the United States today, there is but one major cultural argument that is considered universal:  Should coronavirus vaccines be mandatory in certain situations?

This has been an ugly argument over the course of the last several months, with the anti-vaccine crowd claiming their inalienable bodily sovereignty over the progressives’ precautionary bent.

The federal government is just now beginning to wade into the debate, with US President Joe Biden demanding that all federal workers be vaccinated, (with a few exceptions), and by instilling new vaccine and testing rules for any private employer with more than 100 people on the books.

But, largely, vaccine mandates continue to exist in the realm of small and medium sized businesses who are requiring their customers to prove their jab-status.

One of the nation’s most well-known standup comics is now taking a stand against this discrimination of the unvaccinated.

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Comedian and “Saturday Night Live” alum Jim Breuer said in a Facebook Live over the weekend that he will not be performing at venues that require proof of Covid vaccination for guests.

“Two quick updates on shows that you may think you may be getting tickets to or you already have tickets to: The Wellmont Theater in New Jersey — not doing it,” Breuer said in the 22 minute Facebook live.

“Also the Royal Oak Theater in Michigan, due to the segregation of them forcing people to show up with vaccinations … I am also not doing those shows,” said Breuer, 54.

The comedian wasn’t joking around, either.

“I know I’m going to sacrifice a lot of money, but I’m not going to be enslaved to the system or money,” the comedian added.

Breuer said getting vaccinated was “a choice,” and he didn’t care what his fans might have to say about his decision to cancel his shows.

He said patrons were being “forced” and “bribed” before they could attend shows.

“If you have anything else to say, I honestly don’t care,” Breuer said. “Due to, I have to stick to my morals, I have to sick to what i know is right.”

The news comes just days after fellow standup comic Patton Oswalt took a turn in the opposite direction, saying that he would not play any shows in which the venues could not guarantee that the audience was fully vaccinated.

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