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Comedy Star Andrew Schulz Reveals Strike May Expose Streaming Companies, Backfire on Actors

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Stand-up comedian and actor Andrew Schulz has shared an inconvenient fact about Hollywood that has the potential to come back to haunt the striking actors and writers.

On July 13, Hollywood actors joined The Writers Guild of America in its strike, essentially bringing production of new movies and TV shows to a screeching halt.

While the strikers might think that what they are doing will help them, Schultz wrote in a Twitter thread Friday that the strike may, in fact, do them more harm than good.

According to Schulz, the issue at the heart of the writers’ and actors’ strikes is fair payment from streaming services. In order to decide what is “fair,” streaming services need to reveal the viewership numbers of their shows.

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But, this could be a massive problem for the streamers, Schulz wrote.

“My suspicion is that the streamers are refusing to share the viewership #’s NOT because they’re being cheap BUT because no one is watching AND revealing extremely low viewership would kill the stock price,” Schulz said.

Do you agree with Andrew Schulz’s assessment on the strike?

In essence, Schulz — whose career includes a stand-up special on the streaming service Netflix and a role in the Amazon series “Sneaky Pete” — is claiming that the viewership numbers are not what the streaming services claim they are. There is a belief that subscription numbers equal viewership numbers, which is simply not true.

If they revealed just how low their viewership numbers are, then shareholders and investors would immediately pull out, leaving the companies with no choice but to cut down on spending.

That would mean fewer shows and in turn “WAY LESS ACTING GIGS AND WRITING GIGS.”

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The strike will essentially force the streamers to hire less actors and directors,” Schulz concluded,  “So they’re striking themselves out of work.”

Schulz does say that it is just a hunch and that he has no hard proof of this, but nevertheless, he may be on to something here.

In the video below, he discusses the strike with his co-host on the “Brilliant Idiots” podcast, the New York City radio personality known as Charlamagne Tha God.

Streaming services such as Netflix and Disney+ have been churning out woke leftist content for years now, and as a result, viewers have been turning away from their shows out of disgust with the progressive propaganda.

This would mean that far fewer people are actually watching the “hit” shows than subscription numbers would indicate, and the results would be exactly as Schulz described.

So Hollywood’s actors and writers need to be very careful with how they go about this, otherwise, they could find themselves in an even worse position.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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