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Company Provides Gift For Middle Schoolers Headed to High School, Here's What They Gave Them

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Unequal Technologies gave out 40 bulletproof shields as part of a graduation gift for middle school students at St. Cornelius School in Pennsylvania to take with them as they head into high school.

How sad is it that this is actually a really good, thoughtful gift for kids in the 21st century?

Unlike the measures gun grabbers want to take to “provide safety and security” for students, these steps don’t infringe on a person’s Second Amendment rights and still manage to provide some sort of protection for kids who might one day find themselves in a horrific situation.

During a middle school graduation ceremony, all 15 eighth grade students and 25 faculty members at the Catholic school received SafeShields, metal plates designed “to be slipped into a backpack which can then be used as protection against most high-powered handguns and shotguns,” reported FOX 29. It is unclear what constitutes a high-powered handgun.

The president of Unequal, Rob Vito, whose daughter is an eighth grade student at St. Cornelius, spoke at the ceremony. “It’s sad that times have called for such a product to be invented, but we have answered the call,” he told students. (RELATED: California College Spikes National Anthem From Graduation Ceremony)

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The school already has various safety precautions in place including special bolts on doors and lockdown drills, Barbara Rosini, the St. Cornelius principal, told The New York Times.

What schools need to be doing to ensure our kids are safe in the classroom is provide armed security guards who are highly trained at all major entrances and exits. Some might say such a thing would cost too much money, however, there are plenty of soldiers who have offered to do the job for no pay at all.

Like it or not, we must find a way to provide proper protection for these students that doesn’t infringe on our God-given right to self-defense. It seems the best way to do that is with either armed guards or homeschooling.

Source: The Daily Caller

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