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Schaftlein Report

Concentration Camps in Russia | Schaftlein Report

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Concentration Camps in Russia | Schaftlein Report
1) Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin: “U.S. wants to see Russia weakened – We believe Ukraine can win the war with the right equipment”
a. England sends heavy weapons to Ukraine – Germany shifts policy and will now send tanks
b. Ukrainian prisoners of war being held in camps and tortured – Demands of ransom of 5K Euros
2) Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov warns of escalating the conflict with Western involvement
3) Ukraine wheat production to fall 20% risking higher prices and a global food crisis – Sunflower oil also effected
4) Biden Administration pushed Germany to delay Russian oil ban until after the mid-term election – Russian imports represent 12% of German imports
*Fearful rising oil prices would hamper Democratic candidates
5) Cedric Richmond, key Biden adviser, leaving White House for DNC – He has been very critical of the Progressive agenda
*He is a very sharp guy
6) Free speech makes a comeback – Leftists fear Musk takeover of Twitter
7) Impeachment is on the table to remove Mayorkis form Department of Homeland Security over his and the Biden Administration failures at Southern border
*Remain in Mexico policy goes to the Supreme Court
8) Trump’s endorsements remain strong in most races excluding Georgia where Gov. Kemp leads by 20 over Perdue
9) In two polls, only 19% to 37% of voters want Biden to run for a second term
10) VP Harris tests positive for Covid

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