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Conservative Beer Company Puts Trump's Mugshot on Cans and Never Expected What Happened After It Launched

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Bud Light’s attempt at putting a person’s face on a can may have gone horribly wrong, but there’s another beer company that’s doing it “right.”

The Anheuser-Busch brand sent transgender activist Dylan Mulvaney a can of Bud Light with his face on it six months ago, sparking a devastating boycott.

The new brand Ultra Right Beer tried a similar gimmick, except it chose a different face — and had a very different outcome.

The company, launched as a “woke-free” Bud Light alternative, offered a special can with the famous Fulton County, Georgia, mugshot of former President Donald Trump.

The response was overwhelming, with the limited-edition collector’s can — labeled Conservative Dad’s Revenge — generating a half-million dollars in sales within just 12 hours, Fox Business reported Thursday.

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Seth Weathers, the titular Conservative Dad and CEO of Ultra Right, told the outlet that he released the can as a statement opposing Trump’s indictment.

Weathers described it as “the most sought-after collector beer can in American history,” telling Fox Business that beer sales were equivalent to over five tractor-loads of cans.

Would you buy one of these cans?

He said he had no idea the response “would be this crazy,” predicting sales of the $25 six-pack would top $2 million before Sunday, when the promotion was slated to end. (The beer still appeared to be available on the Ultra Right website early Tuesday morning.)

Weathers said 10 percent of the sales — $50,000 as of Thursday — would be donated to the legal defense of the Georgia Trump electors and the Georgia Republican Party.

In contrast, Bud Light’s decision to feature Mulvaney on its cans is still haunting the company.

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According to Newsweek, data collected by Bernstein in the week ending Sept. 9 showed Bud Light had dropped from 12 percent of the U.S. beer market before the boycott to 8.9 percent.

Harry Schuhmacher, publisher of the Beer Business Daily, told Fox News last month that sales had been stubbornly down around 30 percent, which led him to believe that the decline is “quasi-permanent.”

And all it took was one Instagram video of a transgender “influencer” holding a can of Bud Light with his face on it.


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It’s almost as if beer has become a symbol of how people are feeling about the country.

It remains to be seen if the passion over beer cans translates to the elections in 2024.

But as far as beers go, the trend seems to be for keeping it light and keeping it “right.”

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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