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Conversation with David Bahnsen: U.S. Political, Economic, Cultural Status | Schaftlein Report

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Topics from the latest episode of The Schafltein Report

Guest: David Bahnsenm frequent guest on CNBC, Bloomberg, and Fox Business, regular contributor to National Review and Forbes; Author of the best-selling book ‘Crisis of Responsibility: Our Cultural Addiction to Blame and How You Can Cure It’ (Post Hill Press).

1.) Trump Impeachment Trial Update. 2.) Fed. Chairman Jerome Powell cites bleak jobs picture “Real Unemployment rate is 10%” – Easy money to continue.

3.) Federal Deficit hit a whopping $736B in the first 4 months of this fiscal year. 4.) Sen Sanders vows $15/hr minimum wage will be in the bill despite projected job losses.

5.) Culture – NBA orders “All Teams” to play National Anthem Mark Cuban opposed. 6.) CDC recommends “Double Masking.”

Massive Migrant Caravan Marches Toward US with LGBT Flags Flying as Mexican President Snubs Biden at Summit


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John Salvatore has been a Writer and Editor of multiple political blogs since early 2015. He earned his Master’s degree in Public Administration upon completion of a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science. A diehard Los Angeles Dodgers fan, John can be reached at [email protected]