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Cops Catch 'Grinch' in Carpool Lane in Copper State

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As we approach the Christmas holiday, everyone is trying to grab a little extra piece of whatever resources they can.  Money, space, time; This is a stressful ritual we find ourselves in, and it’s okay to be bit selfish at times, as it may be the only way to stay sane.

And the same is true in an even more pronounced way when it comes to driving, which is both a privilege and a scourge upon modern society.

In Arizona, one man’s attempt at preserving a bit of sanity has become a headline.

Cops in Arizona caught a clever motorist cruising in a carpool lane with a seasonal, albeit illegal, ‘individual’ riding shotgun in the form of an inflatable Grinch. Recounting the bust on social media, the Arizona Department of Public Safety jokingly explained that the incident occurred last week when a state trooper initially noticed a “Seusspicious-looking ‘passenger'” in the HOV lane of the interstate highway passing through the city of Tuscon. Upon pulling the vehicle over, the officer’s intuition proved to be correct as the “grumpy green guy” sitting alongside the driver was a fairly sizeable inflatable Grinch that appeared to be waving to other cars on the road.

The police were not without a sense of humor, however.

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While the department conceded that they “appreciate the festive flair” behind the motorist’s attempt at skirting the law, the noted that it was driving violation, nonetheless.

Just a few years ago, the same department busted a motorist for using a skeleton Halloween decoration as a passenger in a similar attempt to evade detection.

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