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Cosmetics Company Faces Immense Backlash After What It Used Bearded Men to Advertise

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With top cosmetics company Maybelline next to take heat for a woke ad campaign, this time selling lipstick using bearded male models, it doesn’t appear that these ultra-woke, multi-national corporations are easily learning the lesson that Americans don’t want radical gay and transgender politics pushed on them as they shop.

Maybelline already faced criticism in July for hiring transgender TikTok activist Dylan Mulaney to push the company’s makeup.

Mulvaney partnered with the cosmetics giant and posted a video showing him applying the brand’s products to his face and “getting glam,” CBS News reported at the time.

The Mulvaney video naturally led to calls on social media to #boycottmaybelline as the backlash grew.

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While the Maybelline boycott drive seemed to die down a bit since April, Maybelline doesn’t seem to know when to let things lie after launching yet another ad campaign that is arguably worse than the Mulvaney gaffe.

Where the Mulvaney ad was at least aimed at making people look like women — as misguided as it was — this new campaign is undermining masculinity even more.

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Like so many of these woke corporations, Maybelline is continuing its drive to push radical gender politics despite the outcry.

Controversy has been kicked up anew by makeup artist Ryan Vita, a “Maybelline Partner,” who shared two videos to Instagram to push a new lipstick line.

In one ad, the bald-headed, thickly bearded Ryan himself can be seen applying the makeup to his face. And in a second, heavily bearded TikTok makeup artist Zak Taylor is also seen donning the makeup.

According to the Daily Mail, the cosmetics company tagged both videos with their hashtag “#maybellinepartner.”


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Not everyone thought the burly, bearded men exuded glamor, though, as many blasted Maybelline for featuring men as makeup models, the Mail added.

“Enough with these disturbing people’s posts!!!” one comment wrote as another said, “Really don’t want to be seeing MEN doing makeup tutorials!!! Nonsense.”

Many others agreed.

“Do you really think we would want to buy these lipsticks after seeing this? I love Maybelline but can’t handle this… Please stop,” a fan of the company wrote.

Still another wrote, “You have to put a warning before starting this video.”

While Maybelline has not specifically remarked on its shocking male model campaign, the company did seem to address the issue obliquely by posting an Instagram message saying that the company “believes in makeup for EVERYONE,” in a post entitled “Born with Love.”


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While the company did not explicitly say it, this post could be taken as a message that the company believes men should wear makeup, too.

In light of all this, it appears that Maybelline has doubled down on radical LGBT ideals and does not intend to back off from pushing this far-left agenda any time soon. It may take going broke after going woke to teach the company a lesson.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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