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Country Singer John Rich Goes Scorched Earth on Liberals Coming for Kids: 'We Will Die for Our Families'

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In a recent appearance on Tim Pool’s podcast, country star John Rich blasted the radical left for coming after America’s children.

Pool, an independent reporter, invited the singer onto his Monday podcast. And Rich didn’t disappoint.

“They better fear ever coming after my kids,” he told Pool. “I’ll let you come after me all you want to. You leave my family alone. We will die for our families.”

“That’s what they don’t understand in this country, these liberals and people running our country. There is a fierce love and dedication and responsibility that we have as parents. You step over that line and you start messing with my kids, there is no boundaries anymore between us,” he added.

“You want full-contact sport? You want to raise the stakes on what you’re doing to our kids and how you’re, in my opinion, assaulting them in all these ways? You’re going to assault my kids? Why don’t you try to assault me one time?”

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“I’m going to step in front of these little kids. Now you’re going to deal with a grown-ass man and a grown-ass woman who got nothing to lose,” the singer exclaimed.

“Whatever look I have in my eye right now — because I know what I’m saying I’m feeling it down in my guts — that is what tens of millions if not more Americans are feeling right now, regardless of their politics,” Rich continued. “You mess with our kids, you’ve got a world of hurt coming your way this fall.”

Amen, sir, amen.

Is the left targeting children?

We are already seeing the results of the growing anger the left is engendering in parents as they take to the polls to blow Democrats out of office.

One of the best examples was Virginia’s gubernatorial election last year, in which Republican Glenn Youngkin convincingly beat incumbent Terry McAuliffe.

A turning point in the election came during a Sept. 28 debate, when McAuliffe said, “I don’t think parents should be telling schools what they should teach.”

Youngkin pounced on McAuliffe’s comments and education became a major issue.

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But Virginians were already up in arms over state school boards pushing critical race theory and transgender ideology on kids. One school board even suspended a teacher who opposed a policy requiring students to be addressed by their “preferred pronouns.”

The teacher sued Loudoun County Public Schools and won.

If Virginia is any indication, parents’ rights, critical race theory in schools and the growing uproar over the grooming of kids for radical gender politics by left-wing educators and corporations will become key issues driving parents to the polls this November.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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