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Court Puts End to Trump's Special Master Oversight in Mar-a-Lago Case

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Donald Trump’s legal and political troubles are continuing to mount in the waning days of 2022, as his opponents further explore ways in which to deter his reelection in 2024.

Of these affronts to Trump’s political future, perhaps non has the potential for disrupting The Don quite as powerfully as the DOJ’s investigation into Trump storage of presidential documents at his Mar-a-Lago estate, given that the Justice Department is claiming that the documents were “classified” in nature.  Trump has denied this, stating that he personally declassified them as President.

Now, a court ruling has removed the Trump-requested “special master” from oversight of the documents, landing a somewhat serious legal blow to the former President and presumptive GOP nominee in 2024.

A unanimous federal appeals court on Thursday ended an independent review of documents seized from former President Donald Trump’s Florida estate, removing a hurdle the Justice Department said had delayed its criminal investigation into the retention of top-secret government information.

The decision by the three-judge panel represents a significant win for federal prosecutors, clearing the way for them to use as part of their investigation the entire tranche of documents seized during an Aug. 8 FBI search of Mar-a-Lago. It also amounts to a sharp repudiation of arguments by Trump’s lawyers, who for months had said that the former president was entitled to have a so-called “special master” conduct a neutral review of the thousands of documents taken from the property.

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The ruling from the Atlanta-based U.S. Court of Appeals for the 11th Circuit had been expected given the skeptical questions the judges directed at a Trump lawyer during arguments last week, and because two of the three judges on the panel had already ruled in favor of the Justice Department in an earlier dispute over the special master.

Trump’s legal team tried to downplay the trouble.

A Trump spokesperson said Thursday’s decision was “purely procedural” and did not address the “impropriety” of the raid, and promised that the ex-president would “continue to fight” against the Justice Department. Lawyers for Trump did not immediately respond when asked if they would appeal the ruling.

Trump had hoped to retain the services of the special master in order to be certain that that only documents that remain in the possession of the DOJ are those explicitly referred to in the FBI’s search warrant.

Without a special master, this could become yet another Biden administration fishing expedition.

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