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COVERUP: White House Hid Doc Scandal According to Latest Reports

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As the Democratic Party was attempting to cling to some form of political relevance here in the United States, in the days leading up to the all-important 2022 midterms, there were many within the organization who were willing to get their hands dirty to preserve power.

Now, according to new reports, this includes folks within the White House, who were attempting to cover up a growing classified document scandal that could decimate Americans’ trust in the Democrats as a whole.

Multiple reports from establishment media outlets indicate the White House and the Justice Department agreed to hide President Joe Biden’s classified document scandal from the American public, despite claims of transparency after it was leaked to the press.

At least three times the establishment media reported that Biden and the DOJ agreed to hide the scandal from public view with likely had no plans to disclose it until the scandal was leaked to CBS News on January 9, weeks after the initial trove was found by Biden’s personal lawyers November 2.

The reports were damning, and from publications well-trusted among the liberals.

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The latest report of the alleged coverup came Wednesday from the New York Times, which recounted its previous reporting and the initial report by the Washington Post on January 19.

“Democratic allies are increasingly frustrated by a White House that hid the discovery of secret documents from the public for two months and, even once it was reported, provided only partial information, then declared the search complete only to have more papers turn up,” the Times reported. “They promptly contacted the authorities [DOJ] after the documents were found and have sought to work collaboratively to find any other stray papers.”

“That cost them in the public sphere because they concluded that it would be more advantageous not to publicly disclose the discoveries, so as not to antagonize Justice Department officials examining the situation and ultimately persuade them that the incident was nothing more than a good-faith mistake,” the Times‘ Wednesday report stated.

And also:

The Washington Post reported that not only did the White House and DOJ try to obscure the scandal from public view, but they also refused to divulge that the second trove of classified documents was already unearthed at Biden’s home in Wilmington when CBS News first contacted the White House about the initial leak of classified documents apparently illegally stored at the Biden Penn Center.

“Early on, Biden’s attorneys and Justice Department investigators both thought they had a shared understanding about keeping the matter quiet,” the Post acknowledged, referencing the Biden administration’s collaboration to conceal revelations of the second trove of stashed documents.

The Times reported the Post’s account on January 20. “The quiet cooperation continued for weeks” between the aides and the DOJ.

The realization of such a vast and complex conspiracy will undoubtedly begin to change the calculus on the left side of the aisle, especially in regard to Joe Biden’s potential reelection aspirations.

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