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COVID IS OVER: Top Doc Says New Treatment has Ended Pandemic

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It has been a two years, folks, but the best news of the entire COVID-19 pandemic may finally have arrived.

The pandemic has been a tragically trying time for many of us.  Some got sick, or worse, while others lost their jobs or financial stability.  Others thew away decades of work in their small businesses on account of draconian lockdowns, and others set to be unemployed on account of Orwellian vaccine mandates.

But now, nearly 24 months after this novel strain of coronavirus landed on American shores, one of the nation’s most well respected health experts is declaring that the pandemic is over.

Appearing on CNBC’s Squawk Box Friday, former FDA commissioner Dr. Scott Gottlieb said that Pfizer’s experimental antiviral pill — which was found, in trials, to cut the risks of hospitalization or death from Covid by 90 percent — will have a dramatic impact.

“I think the bottom line is the end of the end of the pandemic‚ as least as it relates to the United States, is in sight right now — given that we have the tools to combat this disease,” Gottlieb said.

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The former FDA commissioner and current Pfizer board member did add the caveat that “we still have to get through this Delta wave,” and that might take two months. But the arrival of this new drug, along with a therapeutic produced by Merck, will ultimately be a watershed moment.

The news comes as the delta variant continues to wane, and with a vast number of businesses beginning to resemble their former selves…and all while the stock market continues to surge.

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