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Crenshaw Furious Over Uvalde, Demands 'Accountability'

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As the facts begin to emerge regarding the Robb Elementary School shooting in Uvalde, Texas, there are plenty of Americans growing annoyed and angered.

The actions, (and inaction), of the police in the incident have sparked outrage throughout the nation, and begun a mighty debate about just what we should be expecting from police in these situations.

The angst was so intense that even some of our elected officials found themselves lashing out.

Rep. Dan Crenshaw, R-Texas, on Sunday called for accountability for the police department that responded to last week’s mass school shooting in Uvalde, Texas, saying it’s clear that “protocols were not followed” after the revelation that officers waited outside the classroom containing the gunman and children for more than an hour until Border Patrol agents breached the door and killed him.

During an appearance on CNN’s “State of the Union,” Crenshaw said “it’s hard not to see how someone doesn’t get fired” for the slow response to Robb Elementary School on Tuesday, when 19 children and two teachers were fatally shot by 18-year-old Salvador Rolando Ramos.

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And that’s not all.

“I know better than most not to necessarily judge the person who’s walking through the breach and is in that moment in the arena, but it does seem clear that protocols were not followed,” he said.

It is widely understood that responding officers are to immediately confront and engage an active shooter in a school – something that did not occur in Uvalde.  This has many residents and parents abjectly furious and demanding answers.

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