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Cruz: Joe Scarborough Is 'Like A Teenage Girl Throwing Her Panties At the Latest Boy Band'

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Vice President Mike Pence carried boxes of personal protective equipment (PPE) into a rehab center. He jokingly said something like, let me carry the empty ones.

Naturally, far-left radicals like Joe Scarborough and Jimmy Kimmel attacked the VP.

Boy, were they wrong.

Here’s the truth…

This made me curious, so I watched the unedited C-SPAN video. Pence makes multiple trips from van to the doors of the center delivering full boxes of PPE. Pence’s comment about empties for the camera is a joke – he shuts the doors right after he says it.

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Kimmel’s reaction, which he deleted:

Kimmel later apologized – if you can call it that…

Scarborough deleted his tweet about Pence, knowing he looked like a complete and utter fool.

That’s when Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) stopped by to pay Kimmel and Scarborough a visit…

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Joe’s response to Ted:

And here’s Cruz with the BOOM STICK…

You mess with the bull, you get the horns.

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