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Cuomo Admits He 'Touched People' When Asked About Harassment

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Throughout the early parts of 2021, Andrew Cuomo has done an abysmal job of keeping his foot out of his mouth.

The New York Governor was already in the midst of a horrid scandal involving his decision to send sick COVID-19 patients into the Empire State’s nursing home system when another dark cloud rolled over the horizon.  The next thing we knew, there were scores of women lining up to accuse the longtime politician of inappropriate sexual behavior ranging from lewd public comments to outright groping.

Cuomo’s apologies have been half-hearted at best, and his combative attitude on the subject has led him into intrastate feuds with leaders like Bill de Blasio, the Mayor of New York City.

Now, as if to continue this streak of poor-responses, Cuomo is making a major admission. 

“Have I touched people? Yes,” Cuomo matter-of-factly responded during a COVID-19 press briefing in Binghamton when he was asked by a reporter if he has ever touched “anybody” or any women in the governor’s mansion.

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But then, perhaps recognizing his slip…

Cuomo later followed up, “Of course, you touch people,” and explained that he has “shook hands” with folks.

“I didn’t touch them inappropriately,” he insisted.

Given the grabby governor’s previous linguistic follies and unrepentant attitude on the subject, there is no telling how this latest statement will be received.

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