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CURE FOR CANCER?! Israeli Firm Discloses INCREDIBLE Breakthrough

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Cancer. The “Big C”.  The ever-present threat to all who live on this planet, no matter the circumstances.  Cancer could very well be the scourge of the human physiological system.

I would make a rather large wager that every single person reading this article has been affected by this all-encompassing nightmare of a disease.  I know that I sure have, back when I was just 12 years old and my mother fell ill, only to pass 21 days later from a diabolically efficient spreading of this modern plight.

Do we know how to prevent cancer?  Not really.  We certainly understand that certain behaviors and certain substances increase our risk of the disease, but there has yet to be discovered a surefire way to avoid cancer.

Worse yet, there is truly no cure.  We have treatments that can beat back the physical manifestations of the disease, such as chemotherapy, but they take a heavy toll on the bodies of the afflicted…not to mention that many who are diagnosed are either too frail, or too far gone, for chemo to be effective.

Hope is on the horizon, however, as an Israeli firm is revealing today.

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An Israeli company has announced that it has created a technology that will destroy cancerous tumors.

As The Times Of Israel reports, Alpha Tau Medical has a new treatment called Diffusing Alpha-emitters Radiation Therapy (DaRT). To circumvent the problem of how to prevent alpha particles that kill cancer cells from decaying rapidly, Alpha Tau initiated a method of placing the alpha particles inside a needle containing radium-224, a radioactive isotope. Once the needle is inserted into the tumor, it takes the radium four days to vanish, but during that period the radium transmits “daughter atoms” that spit out alpha particles that rupture the DNA of the cancer cells.

How significant is the development?
CEO Uzi Sofer told The Times of Israel, “This is the first time in the world that you can treat solid tumors,” with alpha radiation. He asserted that the treatment can be given anywhere; there is no need for a hospital setting, concluding, “It is like going to the dentist.” The whole procedure can take between 30 minutes and two hours.
Since trials of the process began in 2017, 73% of patients have seen success.
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