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Dana Loesch Reports Twitter User Calling for Her Children to Be "Murdered". The Way They Responded Will Infuriate You.

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Read this story and tell me there’s not a blatant double-standard when it comes to the “community standards” of the blatantly left-wing social media giants.

As usual with any high-profile mass shooting (as opposed to the mass shootings the media ignores that happen every week in Democrat-run cities that already have strict gun control laws), traditional and social media both erupted in the prescribed gun control debate before the bodies had even been cleared from the tragic scene in Jacksonville last night.

Dana Loesch, as a spokeswoman for the NRA and vehement defender of the Second Amendment rights and the safety and security of our nation’s children, stepped up, as she always does, to dispel myths about firearm violence and, of course, offer thoughts and prayers for the victims of yet another tragic shooting.

Twitter users responded in kind by calling for her own children to be murdered.

If you’ve followed Loesch’s career at all, you’ll know she’s used to these types of attacks, and again, as usual, she wasn’t going to take it sitting down.

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“The only way these people learn is if it affects them directly. So if Dana Loesch has to have her children murdered before she’ll understand, I guess that’s what needs to happen,” the user said to her, as she posted later in a screenshot.

Seemingly willing to test and see if Twitter would hold this troll to the same standards they hold anyone on the right, she reported the incident to Twitter.

This was the result:


One user pointed out, however, that the previously made comments did in fact violate Twitter’s terms of service by their very letter:

Absolutely unbelievable.

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