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David Hogg Compares Shootings to Shark Attacks. One Small Problem…

Uh, say what now?



Gun control activist and Parkland shooting survivor David Hogg is making headlines again — which no doubt tickles him pink — for his attempt to make some sort of profound statement by comparing shootings to shark attacks.

Don’t worry, it’s as goofy as it sounds.

Unfortunately for Hogg, there’s quite a few issues with his comparison.

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“Imagine saying the only way to stop shark attacks is with more sharks,” Hogg tweeted.

On its face, this makes a little sense. Why would you release more sharks hoping to stop sharks from attacking people?

For gun-rights activists, the idea that a good guy with a gun can stop a bad guy with a gun is a prevalent talking point. In Hogg’s analogy, that would mean finding good sharks to stop the bad sharks. If we could train sharks like that, well, that would be awesome.

If we took Hogg’s analogy to its logical conclusion for gun-control activists, the picture gets pretty silly. It also illustrates the problems with gun-control arguments.

Banning sharks, as many activists want for guns, would mean killing sharks or – gasp – building a wall to keep them out of our waters. Putting severe restrictions on sharks wouldn’t work either, as sharks aren’t going to listen.

Maybe we could put up signs that say “Shark-Free Zone,” to keep the sharks from being around people. Maybe we could do background checks on sharks to see which ones have committed shark crimes previously and keep only them away from our shores. Maybe we could pass laws against shark attacks, and then pass more laws against shark attacks if they don’t stop.

This whole comment is a real head scratcher. It’s comparing apples to oranges. They’re two totally different things.

For starters, a person with a gun who is hell bent on committing horrific acts using violent force can only be stopped by the application of an equal amount of violent force. The kind of person who would apply this type of force to a vicious murderer is typically the kind of individual who sees life as valuable and worth protecting, thus earning them the title of “the good guy.”

Someone with a weapon — and bad guys will find ways to get them, whether they are banned or not — is not going to suddenly have a change of heart and throw down their guns. It’s going to take guns in the right hands to shut down an attack.

This is a reality the left just can’t bring themselves to acknowledge. Let’s hope one day they get it and stop fighting so hard to take away our Second Amendment.

Source: Daily Wire


Harrowing Tale of Week-Long Bear Attack is a Hoax, Say Investigators

Well this is embarrassing.



It was only a few days ago that the world became familiar with a truly stupendous tale out of America’s last frontier. A man, stranded at a remote cabin in the Alaskan bush, was being haunted and hunted every night by a vicious bear, after being mauled ever so slightly on his first day on site.  His rescuers arrived after a week of these nightly attacks, and only after the stranded man was able to create a plea for help large enough to be seen by the air. The only issue with the story is that the whole thing appears to be made up, at least according to local researchers.  While the story went viral worldwide and more details came to light about the incident, some community members began to express concerns and doubt about the veracity of the tale. The cabin [Richard] Jessee took refuge in, as it turns out, was not his. It belonged to a fellow miner, though Jessee’s cabin sat only a few yards away. “We went out there to the cabin, but we couldn’t find a bear track within 500 feet of the place, but it should have been all torn up, according to his story,” said one anonymous source known to the Nugget. “There’s no hair, no tracks, no scat, nothing.” And also… The Coast Guard crew delivered him to an ambulance in Nome, which took him to Norton Sound Health Regional hospital. “We were told to get a man who had been mauled by a bear,” said Jim West Jr., the Nome Volunteer Fire and Ambulance chief. “He walked off the helicopter and walked into the ambulance. He had no animal bites and wasn’t bleeding.” Local police do admit that the area is known for its bear population, however, and the traumatized Jessee is…

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USPS Delivers Defiant Message to White House Regarding Vaccine Mandate

This is a slap in the face to the Biden administration.



According to the Biden administration, trouble is coming, and it will arrive in the form of another prolonged economic downturn and possible lockdowns, if we don’t somehow get this “delta” variant of COVID-19 under control. The issue, according to many medical experts, is that this mutated version of the primary coronavirus pandemic strain, is spreading too rapidly among the unvaccinated, and without a significant number of Americans suddenly deciding to get inoculated in the near future, we may not reach “herd immunity” for months. Now, in an effort to speed up the stagnating vaccination rate, President Joe Biden is set to announce that all federal workers should be vaccinated, or face a grueling COVID testing protocol that was intentionally designed to be uncomfortable. The United States Postal Service isn’t taking the news lying down, however. The influential American Postal Workers Union on Wednesday said, at this point, it opposes a coronavirus vaccine mandate from the Biden administration but encouraged workers to voluntarily take the jabs. “While the APWU leadership continues to encourage postal workers to voluntarily get vaccinated, it is not the role of the federal government to mandate vaccinations for the employees we represent,” the union said in a statement obtained by Fox News. The union did not immediately respond to an after-hours email from Fox News. The union said in the statement that the safety of its workers is “of paramount importance” but “at this time the APWU opposes the mandating of COVID-19 vaccinations.” The Biden administration’s mandate will not be 100% iron clad according to sources familiar with the matter, but, rather, would be an incredibly strong suggestion with some terribly annoying hoops to jump through to abstain.

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