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DAVIDSON: Democrats Are Shamefully Subverting & Weaponizing Impeachment

Straight facts.

Jeff Davidson



Impeachment was supposed to be a vital and rarely used mechanism used by Congress, for the protection of the people, in response to egregious acts committed by the U.S. president or others in government. Instead, Nancy Pelosi, Adam Schiff, Chuck Schumer, Jerry Nadler, and all the rest of the vicious Democrats in Congress, as well as six RINOs have used it as a convenient weapon of choice against Donald Trump because they hate him with a passion that exceeds all rationality.

Note to Democrats and RINOs: Hatred is insufficient grounds for drafting articles of impeachment. If so, impeachment proceedings for Obama would have been initiated ASAP.

Bogus from the Start

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The first Trump impeachment over a phone call, which was part of the public record, had numerous people on line at the same time. Donald Trump had no quid pro quo with the Ukraine government. Former Vice President Joe Biden did. He and his family pocketed millions from his pay-for-play schemes with Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, Romania, and China.

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The Democrats all knew this, but they didn’t care. Impeachment was a ready made tool, sitting there, ready for their use. Never mind that their bogus assault upset 244 years of American governance. Never mind that it contorts the effectiveness and reputation of Congress, the trust of the people, and centuries old protocols.

The venal, vindictive Nancy Pelosi chose to proceed anyway, because after all, Donald Trump must be stopped, right? He only created the greatest economy that the country had seen in decades, increased minority employment and home ownership in unprecedented ways, stopped ISIS dead cold in their tracks, helped peace break out in the Middle East, promulgated an endless supply of energy so that we became not only independent, but an energy exporter, and so on.

One could fill an encyclopedia with what Donald Trump accomplished in four years. None of that matters to Nancy Pelosi and Company; they need to permanently harm Trump politically. So, following the Capitol riot which, has repeatedly been proven that Trump did not incite, she invoked impeachment once again.

The Theatre of the Absurd

Here in February, we have Donald Trump ‘voted’ out of office as a result of massive fraud and being accused of something that he did not do. Make no mistake, Pelosi’s intent as dangerous to the country as anything that we’ve witnessed since our founding. She’s using impeachment as a weapon to punish an adversary, devoid of evidence, fairness, and any semblance of ethics.

Contemplate this: If Donald Trump or anybody else in America, for that matter, plans to give a public presentation at a rally or protest, and people infiltrate the event are we to hold responsible those sponsoring or speaking at the event? In Washington, on January 6th, President Trump’s rally was infiltrated by members of Antifa, as well as several right-wing groups. It has been proven that in advance these groups intended to disrupt the day’s proceedings, in one way or another.

Correspondence and communication between group members show that they intended to march on the Capitol, and cause whatever disturbance they could. If we blame Donald Trump for these intruders, and their criminal actions, and decide that he is liable, we are taking a path unlike any other taken before: There is no way to protect our First Amendment rights after.

All speakers, at all times, forevermore, could be subject to prosecution as a result of the behavior and activities of those who show up at an event, and, most chillingly, as a result of the behavior and activities of those otherwise seeming to have been influenced by the speaker at any time.

Raindrops Falling on Everyone’s Head

Not surprisingly, when you unleash a storm as Nancy Pelosi and company have, and overturn centuries of precedence, be prepared for what happens thereafter.

Only a single day after Biden was sworn into office, Congresswoman Marjorie Greene (R-Ga.) filed articles of impeachment. And why not? Joe has a long, slimy history of corruption while in office. As vice president of the United States, he besmirched the responsibilities and protocols of his office. The numerous times he engaged in pay-for-play schemes, with his son Hunter as a front man, has been well documented.

As President, however, Biden would have to make some kind of huge, instantaneously transgression to justifiably be impeached.

Pelosi and the Democrats, suffering from a totaling crippling case of Trump Derangement Syndrome, can’t see past their own hatred as to the long-term harm they do to America.


Young Cheerleaders Cursed Out Because of ‘Their Privilege’ By BLM Protesters (Videos)

Such kind people!

John Salvatore



Even though this event took place in Kentucky, the jury selection for the George Floyd trial will take place today in Minnesota. As you’d imagine, the left is already raging because…they’re the left. What happened below is just a small snippet of what we’ll see when the officers accused of killing Floyd are exonerated. Check this out, via PTNewsNetwork: Louisville protesters have reached a new low, verbally attacking families and small children as they attempt to enter a cheerleading competition. Louisville protesters attempted to lead a protest caravan thoughout the city, but only made it about one block before Louisville Metro Police Department officers intercepted the vehicles shutting down the caravan. For several hours, the protesters attempted to regroup, finally stopping infront of the Louisville International Conventional Center, where a cheerleading competition was taking place. WATCH:

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‘Military Rape’ Song Is Absolutely ‘Hilarious’ Biden AG Nominee Merrick Garland Once Wrote

Where’s #MeToo!?

John Salvatore



Joe Biden’s nominee for attorney general is under a bit of fire for something he wrote all the way back in 1976 while he was a college student. This is yet another example of cancel culture, except the left won’t care about this issue because Garland is a liberal. Have to protect the liberal from the evil Republicans, right!? From Breitbart: President Joe Biden’s attorney general nominee Merrick Garland as a college student at Harvard University wrote in a review of a musical that a song about rape was one of the play’s “hilarious group numbers.” Here’s what Garland wrote back in 1976… A combination of factors, however, keep the vocal problems from becoming disastrous. Most important are the Jones-Schmidt songs themselves, simple and engaging melodies with a few tender ballads like “Try to Remember” and some hilarious group numbers like “it Depends on what You Pay,” which provides a shopping list of rapes for sale (e.g. “the military rape–it’s done with drums and a great brass band.”) Here are some of the lyrics… We’ve the obvious open schoolboy rape, With little mandolins and perhaps a cape. The rape by coach; it’s little in request. The rape by day, but the rape by night is best. Just try to see it. And you will soon agree, señors, Why Invite regret, When you can get the sort of rape You’ll never ever forget. You can get the rape emphatic. You can get the rape polite. You can get the rape with Indians: A very charming sight. You can get the rape on horseback; They’ll all say it’s new and gay. So you see the sort of rape Depends on what you pay. It depends on what you Pay. VIDEO: Let’s hear your thoughts in the comment section…

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