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DAVIDSON: Don’t Believe What You See On TV — An Opinion Piece

Television is an artificial world that contorts our collective consciousness.

Jeff Davidson



*Originally published December 2020* Violence on television shows is more pervasive than in real life and this has been so for decades. In their classic research project, years back, “Watching America”, Stanley Rothmann, Robert Lichter, and Linda Lichter found that since 1955, television characters have been murdered at a rate 1,000 times higher than real world victims.

* Since 1975, a major character on prime time TV is 17 times more likely to go through a personal confrontation with criminal violence than are the viewers who watch them every week.

* The broadcast networks’ prime time schedules contain more than 1,000 scenes of violence per month. The “promos” for coming attractions depict even more violence than the shows themselves. The mayhem level even increased during a public outcry over TV violence.

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* Businessmen and businesswomen are twice as likely to represent villains and three times as likely to commit crimes as are characters in other professions. Three out of four programs that show business dealings portray business as dishonest or corrupt.

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Violence, Cigarettes, and Drugs – Not Just For Breakfast Anymore

The authors conclude that television is an artificial world that takes on a life of its own by shaping our collective consciousness. “For better or worse… films and television tell us the way we conduct our lives, what is right and wrong. It is important that the people who make films have ethics classes, philosophy classes, and history classes. Otherwise, we are witch doctors,” says George Lucas, Star Wars producer.

The National Coalition on Television Violence, based in Washington, D.C., has completed many studies which show immediately after watching programs that emphasize combat, there is substantial, readily observable increases in playground violence among what is otherwise to be considered to be normal children.

“What we think of now as the excess of the Roman circuses, where in the end hundreds of thousands of people died, didn’t start out that way,” Bill Moyers once said. They started out legitimately as circuses, but the audience demand for more and more resulted in forms of entertainment becoming more bloody and more grotesque.

NCTV also surveys Hollywood films. In one given year, the vast majority of films contained alcohol. The typical beverage consumption by characters within films was equal to “an alcoholic style of drinking,” yet no harmful side effects were depicted. Before the 2007 decision to slap an “R” rating on movies containing smoking scenes, NCTV found that 53% of films contained cigarette smoking and over 85% of those films had a major actor smoking throughout the film.

Smokers, Drinkers, and Addicts

Michael Medved, in his book, Hollywood Versus America, showed that the characters in movies were three times as likely to smoke as did the people in the audience watching the movie. Tobacco companies pay huge placement fees to movie producers to ensure that a particular brand of cigarettes will be HIGHLY VISIBLE during a strategic point in the movie. As a result, characters within the movie are going to slug down as many cancer sticks as time will allow.

Of note, in NCTV’s observations, about one in seven films contained scenes depicting illegal drug use. The obvious conclusions: Despite semiannual claims from Hollywood to the contrary, “Substance abuse in Hollywood films has not decreased and has a serious, harmful effect on America’s youth,” says actor Edward James Olmos. “Nothing that we do can ever stop the damage we have done.”


Cable News Blasted for Conjuring Controversy in Columbus Police Shooting

This is just dirty.



alexandria ocasio-cortez

The sad truth of the matter, when it comes to the mainstream media, is that they are more successful when we are more emotional. It’s a dirty trick of human biology:  The chemicals in our brain that allow us to feel joy, sorrow, humor, and fury are just similar enough to one another that we become addicted to them, one and all.  Feeling something stimulates our self-awareness, and we learn to crave it. So, when you tune into CNN and what they are saying angers you, they’re planting small hooks in your noggin, reeling you in to watch the commercials that pay all of their salaries. If you watch Fox, however, and you find yourself enthusiastically cheering after a host or guest has a mic drop moment, your brain again finds what it’s looking for, and here you are seeing your 14th Progressive commercial of the day. All of the big networks know this and actively participate in this salacious shamanism, and sometimes they cross the line. Liberal outlets HuffPost and AJ+ omitted key details or pushed false narratives in their videos about the fatal police shooting of a Black teenager in Columbus, Ohio on Tuesday. HuffPost failed to note the woman who was shot, Ma’Khia Bryant, pushed another female to the ground and lunged at another with a knife when police arrived at the scene. The misleading HuffPo video was accompanied by the following text, which appeared to paint the police as the villain. “Black girl killed by police,” the text read. “Police in Columbus, OH shot & killed a Black teen around the same time the verdict was read in the Derek Chauvin trial. Body-camera footage showed an officer firing several times at Ma’Khia Bryant before she collapsed to the ground. The video also showed a knife falling next to the…

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Pelosi Gets Ripped for Tone Deaf ‘Thank You’ to George Floyd

Even the mainstream media savaged Madam Speaker.



Some of our elected officials really cannot read the room, and Nancy Pelosi seems to be one of them. The House Speaker has been at the forefront of the racial issues that our nation is facing today, which is all fine and good.  This is America, after all, and it certainly doesn’t appear as though we’re seeing liberty and justice for all right now. But the issue is in how Pelosi portrays her feelings on the subject that has many in America cringing. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., is facing intense backlash after she thanked George Floyd for “sacrificing your life for justice” Tuesday following the conviction of former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin on murder and manslaughter charges. Speaking alongside the Congressional Black Caucus shortly after the verdict was handed down, the top House Democrat looked to the sky and said, “Thank you, George Floyd, for sacrificing your life for justice. “For being there to call out to your mom,” Pelosi went on. “How heartbreaking was that? [To] call out for your mom, ‘I can’t breathe.’ “But because of you and because of thousands, millions of people around the world who came out for justice, your name will always be synonymous with justice,” the speaker added. The callous nature of Pelosi’s “gratitude” was off-putting for many, even within the mainstream media sphere. “Nancy Pelosi thanks George Floyd for being murdered,” Huffington Post editor Philip Lewis summed up. “What in the actual f,” New York Post columnist Karol Markowicz reacted. “Ummm… he didn’t sacrifice his life… he was brutally, horrifically murdered. What the hell is this,” Guardian writer Hannah Parkinson tweeted. “Sacrifice implies he had a choice,” LA Times reporter Melissa Evans similarly wrote. “Oh, that is very bad. Very, very no,” GQ correspondent Julia Ioffe expressed. “real [W]hite person wearing kente…

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