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DAVIDSON: Violence, Alcohol, & Drugs — Not Just For Breakfast Anymore

When will American broadcasters limit themselves?

Jeff Davidson



Violence on television is more pervasive than in real life. In their research project, years back, called “Watching America,” Stanley Rothmann, Robert Lichter, and Linda Lichter found that television characters had been murdered at a rate 1,000 times higher than real world victims.

Since 1975, a major character on prime-time TV is 17 times more likely to experience a personal confrontation with criminal violence than are the viewers who watch them every week. The broadcast networks’ prime-time schedules contain more than 1,000 scenes of violence per month. The “promos” for coming attractions depict even more violence than the shows themselves. The mayhem level even increased during a public outcry over TV violence.

Amazingly, businessmen and businesswomen are twice as likely to represent villains and three times as likely to commit crimes as are characters in other professions. Three out of four programs that show business dealings portray business as dishonest or corrupt.

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Shaping Our Collective Consciousness

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The authors concluded that television is an obviously artificial world that takes on a life of its own by shaping our collective consciousness. “For better or worse,” says Star Wars producer George Lucas, “films and television tell us the way we conduct our lives, what is right and wrong. It is important that the people who make films have ethics classes, philosophy classes, and history classes. Otherwise, we are witch doctors.”

The National Coalition on Television Violence, in the early 1980s, undertook studies which showed that immediately after watching programs which emphasize combat, there is a substantial, readily observable increases in playground violence among what are otherwise considered to be normal children.

“What we think of now as the excess of the Roman circuses, where in the end
hundreds of thousands of people died, didn’t start out that way,” PBS producer Bill Moyers once said. They started out legitimately as circuses, but the audience demand for more and more resulted in forms of entertainment becoming bloodier and increasingly grotesque.

Have a Drink on Me

A study of Hollywood films showed that in one given year, 90% of all films contained alcohol. The beverage consumption by characters within films often depicted “an alcoholic style of drinking.” Yet, largely, no harmful side effects were depicted.

Before the 2007 decision by the Motion Picture Association of America to ban smoking in films rated lower than R, the National Coalition on Television Violence found that 53% of films contained cigarette smoking and more than 85% of those films had a major character smoking throughout the film. This confirmed Michael Medved’s findings in his book, Hollywood Versus America, that the characters in movies were three times as likely to smoke as the people in the audience watching the movie.

Drugs Abound

In NCTV’s observations, 14% of films contained scenes depicting illegal drug use. The conclusion: Despite claims from Hollywood to the contrary, Substance abuse in Hollywood films has not decreased. “It has a serious, harmful effect on America’s youth,” says actor Edward James Olmos. “Nothing that we do can ever stop the damage we have done.”

Many countries around the globe seek limits to how much American television they will allow to be broadcasted in their countries. Some countries have levied an outright ban on American television programs. When will American broadcasters limit themselves?


Donald Trump Is Already ‘Planning for the Next Administration’ — VIDEO

2024 will be here before you know it…

John Salvatore



If Donald Trump again runs for president in 2024 AND if he becomes the Republican Party nominee, you’d have to imagine there’s little chance he would “lose” an election twice in a row. If Trump becomes president on January 20, 2025, who comes with him as a member of his cabinet? Pompeo, most likely. Carson would be probable. But you’d have to think Haley, Pence, and a few other big names from the first term wouldn’t even get a phone call. Appearing on Hannity on Friday night, Mark Meadows, former Congressman and chief of staff, dropped a bomb. Meadows said, “What we will see on Sunday is we will see the start of planning for the next administration. And I can tell you, the people that are at the top of that list, all of them have Trump as their last name.” WATCH: And here’s your daily dose of random noise from Twitter…

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Trump to Start New Political Action Committee — Corey Lewandowski to Head It Up

He’s still top dog!

John Salvatore



The world has long been waiting to see what’s next for Donald Trump. The former President has been largely laying low down at Mar-a-Lago these past few weeks, with only a few quick statements having been disseminated by those around him. His Twitter account remains suspended, which could be one reason for the lack of controversy he’s spawned these days. Now, with a major CPAC speech leering imminently over the horizon, The Don is making some moves. From Fox News: Former President Trump is starting up a new political action committee and is eyeing longtime top political adviser and aide Corey Lewandowski to head up the new super PAC, multiple people with knowledge of the conversations confirmed to Fox News. The move was decided during a meeting late last week at Trump’s south Florida residence at Mar-a-Lago when the former president gathered with his political team. The group included 2020 campaign managers Bill Stepien and Brad Parscale, senior adviser Jason Miller, former White House social media director Dan Scavino, and Trump’s eldest son, Donald Trump Jr. CONTINUED: Sources familiar with the meeting shared that a number of Trump’s post-presidency political activities were discussed and added that plans to start up the PAC were not finalized. “MAGA supporters and candidates supporting President Trump’s America First agenda are going to be impressed with the political operation being built out here,” Miller said. “We expect formal announcements of the full team in the coming weeks, which will include some very talented operatives not yet named.” The move will likely solidify Trump’s influence over the Republican Party – something that moderates and Democrats alike still fear.

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