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De Blasio Sends Warning to 'Jewish Community' — Stop Gathering Or You'll Be Arrested

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It’s quite amazing that so many Jews still vote Democrat, considering how hostile most liberals are toward organized religion and the entirety of Israel.

Imagine if NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio’s tweets below targeted Muslims.

He’d probably be forced to step down.


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“De Blasio singled out the Jewish community and he didn’t just say ‘this little subsection of Williamsburg,’ he said ‘the Jewish community’ more broadly, as though like all the Jews on Broadway were getting together in their off-hours and gathering in large groups,” said [Ben] Shapiro.

“Let’s make this clear. The vast majority of Orthodox communities around the United States are shut down. My shul shut down before the lockdown orders in California. There is one particular area in Williamsburg, where… they’re still gathering. This is bad across the board. No groups should be doing this,” but “is the Jewish community the only group of people in New York who have gathered together?” he went on.


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