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Dead Mosquito Provides DNA Leading to Burglar's Arrest

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Police work is exhausting and difficult work at times, and law enforcement officers will take any help that they can when it comes time to crack a case.  Eyewitnesses, video surveillance, suspicious loved ones…you truly never know what’s going to be the detail that leads to an arrest.

In China this week, an extraordinary bit of police ingenuity has come to light, and it could inspire future criminals to make sure to wear plenty of bug spray while committing their dastardly acts.

Authorities in China managed to catch the individual behind an apartment burglary after they detected his DNA in blood that was extracted from a dead mosquito found at the crime scene. The amazing detective work reportedly unfolded last month in the city of Fuzhou as authorities were attempting to solve the case of a ne’er-do-well who had broken into a residence. Surveying the scene, investigators surmised that the suspect had spent the night at the apartment, cooking dinner there and even sleeping in the bed. However, unbeknownst to the brazen burglar, he had inadvertently left behind a proverbial smoking gun in the form of a mosquito that had been squashed at some point in the evening.

The perpetrator was known to police before the bug-smearing burglary.

Assuming the owners of the apartment would not have left a dead mosquito’s body smeared on a wall, cops set about collecting some of the blood from the insect to see if it might contain a clue as to the perpetrator of the crime. As luck would have it, DNA found in the material wound up matching that of a criminal who had previously been arrested and had their identifying genetic information entered into a police database.

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The perp not only confessed to this particular burglary, but several others as well.


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