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DECORUM IS DEAD: Dem Uses Profanity to Disparage Donald on MSNBC

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At one point during our nation’s history, our public servants were proud, noble people who were drawn to their temporary positions in government in order to help their fellow man.

At least, that is how the system was designed.  Today, however, we have a glut of career politicians, all living well above the median income line, acting as a ruling class that stands above the average American consumer/worker in both wealth and societal stature.  These are no longer public servants, rather, they are the “powers that be”.

So when someone like Donald Trump comes along, complete with his “bull in a China shop” routine, it becomes apparent very quickly with that elite politicians of the nation are uncomfortable.  They see Trump and his populism as a threat to their way of life.  You see, before Trump, only those indoctrinated into politically corrupt Washington swamp would stand a chance at rising to such a level.

Trump, being merely a wealthy citizen, broke that mold, endangering anyone with a less-than-proper idea of their work in government.

Maybe that’s why the “resistance” minded left can’t seem to contain their potty mouths nowadays.  Take Senator Mazie Hirono, for example, during an interview on MSNBC.

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Discussing the deal to keep the government open until February, Hirono said, “Of course, the Senate did the responsible thing last night by keeping government running, passing this bill by a voice vote.”

She continued, “And only to have President Trump get all worked up because he’s got some right-wing loud people yelling at him on Fox News and suddenly he says, ‘Well, I don’t think I’m going to sign it.’ So it is very true that he will bring on the shutdown and he has to take responsibility for it. Any effort on his part to blame the Democrats will be such bullshit—that as I said before—I would hardly be able to stand it.”

The lack of class among the “resistance”-minded democrats is reaching epic proportions as of late, just as the mainstream media has begun a push in earnest to delegitimize the President.

Now, with a democratically controlled House of Representatives arriving in January, we must prepare for even more of this offensive nonsense.

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As a lifelong advocate for the dream promised us in the Constitution, Andrew West has spent his years authoring lush prose editorial dirges regarding America's fall from grace and her path back to prosperity. When West isn't railing against the offensive whims of the mainstream media or the ideological cruelty that is so rampant in the US, he spends his time seeking adventurous new food and fermented beverages, with the occasional round of golf peppered in.