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Deepfake Detector Proves Highly Effective in First Studies

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As if the human race hadn’t already opened Pandora’s box through the vast and exponential expansion of our technological and digital realms, the advent of “deepfakes” opened up a terrifying new avenue of deceit.

The technology behind these fake videos allows for users to take any face with a sufficient amount of background images available, (think movie and television stars), and then digitally recreate them saying anything that the user wants.  A scary example can be seen below:

Obviously, the potential trouble goes way beyond Hollywood, with ne’er-do-wells now able to create lifelike images of world leaders declaring war, proclaiming their resignations, or worse.

Luckily, one new piece of technology is looking to fight these deepfakes, and it appears to be rather effective.

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Intel has developed a technology that can successfully distinguish between real videos and deepfakes in real-time using skin analysis.

Its new technology, FakeCatcher, can detect fake videos with a 96% accuracy rate and is the ‘world’s first real-time deepfake detector’ to return results in milliseconds.

‘Deepfake videos are everywhere now. You have probably already seen them; videos of celebrities doing or saying things they never actually did,’ said Ilke Demir, senior staff research scientist at Intel Labs.

So, how does it work?

The FakeCatcher deepfake detector works by analysing ‘blood flow’ in video pixels to determine a video’s authenticity in milliseconds.

Most deep learning-based detectors look at raw data to try to find signs of inauthenticity and identify what is wrong with a video. In contrast, FakeCatcher looks for authentic clues in real videos, by assessing what makes us human, such as ‘blood flow’ in the pixels of a video.

Of course, much like a stone can we wielded to both blunt and sharpen a blade, FakeCatcher will certainly be heavily studies by deepfake artists in an attempt to reverse-engineer more convincing content, and the war against the truth will continue well into the future.

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