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Dem Party Chief's Plan to Boycott In-N-Out Burger Fails Spectacularly

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Many folks belonging to the California Democratic Party are putting some distance between themselves and their party head after he called for a boycott of In-N-Out Burger for donating $25,000 to the GOP.

The move completely backfired and now, party head Eric Bauman, has a whole lot of cow on his face. Get it? Burger? Cow?

Bauman’s call soon became a headache for the party as it captured national headlines and gave ammunition to the GOP as the Democratic leader threatened to alienate the loyal customers of a wildly popular restaurant chain.

But the state Democratic Party quickly backtracked, saying Bauman’s call for a boycott was merely his “personal view” and wasn’t being considered by the state Democratic Party as a policy.

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“We’re not happy that In-N-Out gave the money, but we’re not calling for an official boycott,” John Vigna, the party’s communications director, told the Los Angeles Times. “Democrats are very fired up. Chair [Bauman] is definitely giving voice to a feeling a lot of people have right now.”

But despite the damage control, Republicans seized on the opportunity to have a political feast, posting images and declarations of support for the chain.

Looks like Bauman’s fellow Democrats left him to dine alone.

What’s hilarious is how angry leftists get when someone from the right demands a boycott for a company that’s found to be supporting liberal politicians and causes.

Here’s a novel idea. How about everybody just chill out? Unless a company is doing something really egregious, it’s not that difficult to separate the business’ service and product from their political beliefs.

If it’s something that’s a major deal, feel free to vote with your dollars. Just keep in mind that most boycotts are largely ineffective anyway.

However, on the flip side, we should also be super supportive of In-N-Out and any other business who supports conservative candidates because there aren’t a whole lot of those going around.

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Source: Fox News

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