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DEM REP OFF THE RECORD: Biden Will Not Run in 2024

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For months now, the Democratic Party has been desperately searching for a way out of this mess.  They made their bed by nominating and electing Joe Biden to the presidency, and now they’re afraid that they’re going to have to lay in it.

Biden’s time in office has been historically poor.  His approval ratings are abysmal, the economy is in shambles, and a number of prominent members of his own party have been suggesting that he needs to stay far, far away from the 2024 Democratic ticket.

Biden, for some reason or another, has been consistent in suggesting that he’ll be running again…at least publicly.

This week, a prominent Democratic Congresswoman shocked the nation by suggesting, “off the record”, that Biden will not be running again, prompting some confusion among the party.

Rep. Carolyn Maloney (D-N.Y.), who has represented parts of New York City since 1993, said in an interview with The New York Times editorial board published Saturday that President Biden is “not running again” in 2024.

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During the exchange that preceded the question about Biden, the 76-year-old congresswoman seemed to become confused. “Should there be term limits for members of Congress?” editorial board member Eleanor Randolph asked Maloney.

“No,” Maloney said.

“Should there be an age limit for members of Congress?” Randolph asked next.

“Members of Congress have a term limit. It’s called an election every two years,” Maloney answered, apparently responding to the previous question.

Then things turned a bit more provocative.

The exchange about Biden began when Randolph asked Maloney whether Biden should run for a second term. “Off the record, he’s not running again,” Maloney said. She did not specify how she knew Biden would not seek a second term in 2024.

“Not off the record. On the record,” journalist Jyoti Thottam insisted. According to the Poynter Institute for Media Studies, journalistic ethics stipulate that a source cannot unilaterally go off the record. The reporter must agree.

“On the record? No, he should not run again,” Maloney said in response to Thottam’s prompting.

Maloney’s shocking statement may send a ripple of concern through the Democratic Party, particularly in regard to how and why she may think she knows this for certain, but that worry will almost surely be dwarfed by the relief the left must feel knowing that there’s a chance they won’t have to try to cram Joe Biden down America’s throats again in 2024.

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