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Dem Senator At Big Tech Hearings: Why Isn't Social Media Censoring More Content?

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If liberals get their way, every conservative outlet will be banned very soon. Heck, they nearly succeeded after Donald Trump defeated Hillary Clinton in 2016. Keyword: nearly.

Now, though, it couldn’t be more evident that Democrats want the First Amendment completely shredded.

At Wednesday afternoon’s hearing on Big Tech censorship, specifically regarding the Hunter Biden story from the New York Post, far-left Senator Ed Markey (MA) wanted to know why social media giants aren’t censoring even more.


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Why allow supporters of the president to share their thoughts on election night when you can just silence them, ensuring the only news being read comes from a liberal perspective?

That’s how leftists think. It’s evil.

From The Hill:

The editorial board of The New York Times is imploring the world’s leading social media and technology companies to prepare themselves for a scenario in which President Trump claims victory on election night before he has been officially declared the winner.

“Imagine: It’s midnight, and the electoral map looks quite red. But news networks and election officials aren’t calling the swing states, as this year’s record numbers of mail-in and absentee ballots have yet to be fully counted,” the Times wrote in an editorial published Sunday.


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