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Dem Strategist Warns Party Against Influence of ‘Wokeness’

But are they too invested to listen?



Human beings are somewhat inherently competitive.  We are still animals, after all, having spent the last however-many years working our way up from hunting and gathering to Hyundais and geopolitics, the whole time creating better, smarter, faster people through our inborn need to one-up each other.

While this could be seen as a positive trait for an intelligent species to have, it does send us down some oddly competitive paths.

For example, many of us remember us being in high school and having silly battles with friends over who had beard of a certain band first, or who was a bigger fan of some celebrity.  Instead of collaborating, we turned combative.

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And so the same occurs today with the political correctness movement, in which each purported proponent is secretly warring it out with the others to prove that they are the most supremely woke of them all.

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Democratic strategist and frequent media contributor James Carville has had enough of it.

Carville, 76, said the Democrats are paying a ‘terrible political price’ for the actions of the left-wing minority, which he claimed only makes up around 15 percent of the party.

The political consultant insisted that this ‘noisy’ fringe cannot continue to define the entire Democratic Party, and urged more mainstream Dems to be more effective in their communications with voters to neutralize the rhetoric.

‘We are letting a noisy wing of our party define the rest of us, and my point is we can’t do that,’ he told CNN’s Chris Cuomo on Tuesday.

Carville then went on to suggest a major disconnect between the party at large and President Joe Biden.

He said Biden, 78, doesn’t even know what ‘wokeness’ is and argued that the Democrats pay a larger political price for their left-wing minority than the Republicans do for their ‘loony insurrectionists’.

‘Two thirds of their [Republican] party agree with these loony insurrectionists and this kind of stuff,’ Carville said. ‘Yet we pay such a terrible political price for a slightly more than fringe element of our party, where they don’t pay near the price of just totally goofy, not even on this planet, part of their party.’

But, given what we know about the nature of Democrats, (and their penchant for out-woke-ing each other), Carville himself could soon be another victim of the politically correct mob himself.


Fleeing Texas Democrat Now Facing Arrest Warrant

Play stupid games win stupid prizes.



Instead of accepting defeat in the state legislature, the Democrats of the Texas statehouse decided that they’d simply whisk themselves away to Washington DC to prevent a vote on an election integrity bill to occur. This was the second time they had pulled a stunt like this in less than a year, and Texas Governor Greg Abbott has now said that these lawmakers will be arrested upon their reentry to Texas, and taken to the legislature to make certain that the vote occurs. Now it seems as though members of the Texas GOP are making good on Abbott’s promise. Speaker of the House Dade Phelan (R-Beaumont) signed a civil arrest warrant on Monday for State Representative Philip Cortez (D-San Antonio) for his failure to return to the House of Representatives, the Texas Tribune reported. Cortez abandoned his fellow Democrats late last week when he unexpectedly returned to Texas. Cortez claimed he returned to Austin to attempt to engage in a “good faith dialogue” on the matter of House Bill 3, the election law reform bill. After receiving harsh criticism from fellow Democrats for returning to Austin without consulting them, Cortez returned to Washington, D.C. The San Antonio Democrat currently serves as chairman of the House Urban Affairs Committee. Speaker Phelan issued a statement saying, in part, that Cortez had “irrevocably broken my trust and the trust of the chamber.” The speaker added that Cortez “represented to me and his fellow members that he wanted to work on policy and find solutions to bring his colleagues back to Texas.” The bill in question has been criticized by Texas Democrats as unfairly prohibitive to communities of color, while the GOP says that the law would simply strengthen the security of the election itself, in an effort to prevent fraud from occurring.

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Liz Cheney Takes Aim at Trump During Opening Statement at Jan 6 Hearing

She’s still claiming this is “nonpartisan”, however.



The Republican Party has made it very clear that they are not interested in any sort of re-trial of Donald Trump in regard to the events of January 6th, and that any attempt to steer an investigation his direction would be considered bit of partisan tomfoolery on behalf of those who engage in such speculation. Therein lies the problem for the Nancy Pelosi-led special committee on January 6th, in that they can’t afford to be considered a partisan affair, but they are almost certainly itching for a chance to attack the former Commander in Chief. Liz Cheney, one of the few Republicans involved in the current probe, wasted no time in going there on Tuesday, however. “The American people deserve the full and open testimony of every person with knowledge of the planning and preparation for January 6th,” Cheney said in her opening statement. The Wyoming Republican has gone on record for criticizing her GOP colleagues for supporting the former president — whom many say incited his supporters to attack the Capitol — and undermining an investigation into the events of Jan. 6. She was voted out of her role as chair of the House Republican Conference in May as a result. And then… “We must also know what happened every minute of that day in the White House – every phone call, every conversation, every meeting leading up to, during, and after the attack. Honorable men and women have an obligation to step forward,” Cheney said. Tuesday’s hearing featured the testimony of a number of police officers who were involved in attempting to stop the insurrection that occurred that day, and set the tone for a heated and lengthy probe to come.

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