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Democrat Lawmaker Kicked, Punched & Beaten By Leftist Protesters for Taking A Picture

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Not even Democrats are safe from Democrats. Even though all liberals who hold office will likely vote for Joe Biden in November, they can just as easily take a pounding from a left-wing mob as conservatives.

Wisconsin state lawmaker Tim Carpenter learned that the hard way.

All the guy did was take a picture of radical leftists wildin’ out. Because of that, he was severely beaten.

From MRC TV:

A Democrat state senator landed in the hospital after being attacked by nearly a dozen “protesters” in Madison, Wisconsin Tuesday night.

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State Sen. Tim Carpenter, 60, said he stopped to take video of the unrest taking place near the state Capitol – unrest that also left two statues destroyed and multiple businesses vandalized – when he was jumped by a mob of rioters.


Carpenter then tweeted:

Bevelyn Beatty told off a white “woke” protester in Seattle. She hit all the right notes, slamming the left for their nonsense and hitting Joe Biden in the process.

Beatty said, “If you want to look at the devices of the devil, you have to look at the Democrat Party. he uses who he may and unfortunately it’s the Democrat party… The left is so radical. They want you to ban the police. They just want Trump to give up his authorities and just let them run and turn our country into a communist country […] Why in your right mind would you defund the police?


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