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Democrat Running Against Biden Airs Graphic Ad on NBC That Joe Will Hate

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An unlikely source might have given us the political ad of the century. In fact, a small liberal audience witnessed an act of moral courage not seen perhaps since before the Civil War.

On Monday night during NBC’s “The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon,” viewers in Massachusetts and New Hampshire saw a shocking campaign ad filled with gruesome images of aborted babies, the mangled remains of which were recovered from an all-term abortion facility by an obscure pro-life Democratic presidential candidate named Terrisa Bukovinac.

“These are the faces of a genocide, supported by Joe Biden and my own Democratic Party,” Bukovinac said in the ad.

Viewers saw those faces, or what remained of them.

Indeed, we cannot issue a stronger content warning than this one. No doubt many readers will find the images extremely disturbing. Those who wish to view Bukovinac’s ad may do so here.

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The ad is being shown in Massachusetts and New Hampshire for strategic reasons. As she explained on the social media platform X, Bukovinac appears on the Democratic primary ballot in those two states.

“The Terrisa Bukovinac for President Campaign will begin airing its ads on Monday during Jimmy Fallon’s show on NBC in Massachusetts and New Hampshire, where she is on the ballot for the Democratic primary,” she said Monday.

Bukovinac’s post also featured a hashtag: #JusticeForTheFive. That referred to the number of aborted babies whose remains she recovered and then showed to Fallon’s viewers.

“I am challenging you to never vote for a pro-choice Democrat again,” she said in the ad.

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Readers might wonder why, in light of her pro-life passion, Bukovinac remains in a party that openly celebrates abortion.

Her campaign website describes her as “a progressive activist” who for nearly 10 years “has worked through a secular & democratic socialist framework to address the tragedy of abortion violence on demand in America.”

On Jan. 20, 2022, Newsweek published “The Progressive Case Against Abortion,” which Bukovinac co-authored. In that opinion piece, she counted herself among the pro-life “progressive atheists.”

In that same piece — to her great credit — she called it “inconsistent with the non-violent instincts of feminism to tie the liberation of women to the elimination of any group of human beings.”

The great 19th-century abolitionist and civil rights leader Frederick Douglass gave us the perfect quote for such an occasion.

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“I would unite with anybody to do right and with nobody to do wrong,” Douglass wrote in 1855.

Clearly, Bukovinac has determined to do right by the unborn.

In a recent news release, the candidate’s campaign described the shocking ad as an attempt to “disrupt the consciences of the American people, particularly leftists who are complicit in abortion by supporting pro-abortion candidates,” according to The Daily Signal.

Douglass once united in spirit with the abolitionist firebrand John Brown, whose October 1859 raid on Harpers Ferry — then part of slave-holding Virginia — disrupted consciences and awakened some Northerners to their silent complicity in slavery’s brutality.

God works in mysterious ways and through unexpected agents.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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