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Democrat Senator Asks Amy Coney Barrett If She's Ever Sexually Assaulted A Person (Watch)

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Hawaii’s Mazie Hirono is one of the worst Democrats have to offer. Not only has she accomplished nothing, but she’s as anti-American as they come. Just awful.

During day two of the Amy Coney Barrett SCOTUS confirmation hearings, Hirono hit a new low.

It might not get much more ridiculous than this.

From Fox News:

Sen. Mazie Hirono, D-Hawaii, asked a question pertaining to an issue that came up quite a bit during Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation hearing but had yet to come up during Judge Amy Coney Barrett’s hearing: whether the Supreme Court nominee had ever sexually assaulted someone.

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Citing a statement from Chief Justice John Roberts in 2017 in which he acknowledged that the judiciary “is not immune” from the problem of sexual misconduct, Hirono said it is her duty “to ensure the fitness of nominees” for positions that have lifetime appointments.


Not long ago, when asked by Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) to denounce Antifa, Mazie refused. She even took things a step further and walked out of the hearing.

From Fox News:

Tensions flared at a Senate hearing on Antifa when a top Democrat walked out of the room declaring she couldn’t sit through Sen. Ted Cruz‘s rhetorical speeches any longer.

The dustup occurred when Cruz, R-Texas, blasted Democrats for not condemning Antifa more directly for the violence and destruction that has taken hold in certain U.S. cities in the wake of George Floyd’s death in Minneapolis.


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Also not long ago, Hirono made a vile comment about Trump supporters.


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