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Democratic Gubernatorial Candidate in California Makes Terrifying Promise to Both Legal and Undocumented Residents

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California Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom, who is running for the top office of governor, recently gave an interview where he promised that if he wins the election he has plans to bring single-payer health care to everyone in the state. And he does mean everyone.

Including illegal immigrants who have crossed the border and call his state home.

Before becoming the state’s lieutenant governor, Newsom was the mayor of San Francisco. As mayor, he instituted single-payer health care for the city. Under his watch, the city’s homeless population nearly doubled, increasing from 7,000 to 12,000, a topic that was also discussed during the interview.

During Tuesday’s episode of the “Pod Save America,” Newsom was asked if he planned to revive a single-payer health care bill that had died in the state Assembly. Newsom confirmed that he did and that the governor would have to lead such a measure.

“Obamacare would not have happened if it was just exclusively a legislative fiat,” he argued. “The only way that a state whose population is larger than 163 nations — California’s economy is larger than all but four nations, the fifth largest economy — to approximate a strategy for universal health care is with the support, concurrence of the governor.”

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Newsom said that once the new system was in place, health care costs would not be unmanageably high.

“The mistake we make is that we allow lazily a CBO [Congressional Budget Office] report to come out, and somehow suggest that we’re going to build on top of an existing system, when in fact we’re replacing the existing system with a completely new system,” he said.

Newsom also insisted that it was “the transition that’s the challenge. It’s going from something old to something new where the whitewater is. And that’s going to be the struggle for those that are promoting it on a federal level, those that promote it at a state level, and that’s where the nuance and the detail lie.”

So basically, if California lands under Newsom’s leadership, they are going to make the final transition into a socialist state government. If you think the homeless problem is bad now, just wait until this universal health care garbage gets passed.

Talk about massive tax hikes and an insane increase in the cost of living. Yikes. It’ll be cheaper to die than to live, and that’s truly a sad state of affairs.

Not to mention that since a doctor’s incentive for quality care will be made obsolete, you can guarantee folks are going to end up more unhealthy than ever before.

Boy, California sure can pick ’em, can’t they?

Source: TheBlaze

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