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Democratic PAC Led By Retired Army General Seeks To Combat Trump Online



President Trump has a lot of support among members of our military. However, just because a lot of folks dig the way he leads the armed forces doesn’t mean everyone is a card carrying member of the Trump Fan Club. There’s at least one retired general who’s letting it be known in no uncertain terms that he’s not only not a fan, but an enemy ready to take the fight to the president.

Gen. Stanley McChrystal is currently advising a brand new Democratic political action committee in how to deploy technology which was originally created to help provide countermeasures for ISIS propaganda for the more domestic use of fighting online efforts to promote President Trump’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic.

These people never give it a rest. Not even during a pandemic.

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The group, Defeat Disinfo, will use artificial intelligence and network analysis to map discussion of the president’s claims on social media. It will seek to intervene by identifying the most popular counter-narratives and boosting them through a network of more than 3.4 million influencers across the country – in some cases paying users with large followings to take sides against the president.

The initiative reflects fears within the Democratic Party that Trump’s unwavering digital army may help sustain him through the pandemic, as it has through past controversies, even as the economy craters, tens of thousands have died, and Trump suffers in the polls.

“It’s often said campaigns are a battle of ideas, but they’re really a battle of narratives,” said David Eichenbaum, a Democratic media consultant who is a senior adviser to the PAC. “Today those narratives spread quickly online.”

This initiative is being headed up by Curtis Houghland. Houghland had once received initial funding for the technology to be used against the president from the Pentagon’s research arm, DARPA, as part of a national security effort to prevent the spread of extremism overseas. He has claimed that Democrats are not well prepared for the fight over information and attention, factos he believes will play a critical role in determining the presidential race come November.

Houghland uses the whole “injecting bleach or household disinfectant” debacle that occurred last week as an example of this lack of preparation. When President Trump made this comment, there was a sizable flurry of activity on Twitter about it, however, given that this moment should have really hurt the president and been used as ammunition against him, four of the top six tweets about the statement were from Twitter accounts that were favorable toward the commander-in-chief, which boosted the idea that his comments were taken out of context.

In other words, the left should’ve been all over that, making memes and all sorts of other content, and spreading them everywhere as fast as possible in order to get their messaging out there and hurt the president. Such great people, aren’t they?

McChrystal himself said that his interest in the PAC resides his desire to ensure accuracy of information leading up to the November election, even if to do so means going after viral attention with emotional appeals.

“Everyone wishes the Pandora’s box was closed and none of this existed, but it does,” McChrystal said.

So, in other words, liberals are once again revealing that they are at war with Donald Trump and they are willing to employ whatever tactics they can to ensure that his greatest tools for reaching the masses are used against him in order to prevent his messaging from reaching the American people.

This reveals just how much the left fears Trump. They know this man will prevent their plans for transforming American into a socialist nightmare from coming to pass and they want him removed.

Let’s hope the efforts of this PAC fail miserably.


Russia Announces Military Movement Meant to Intimidate USA

This war of words just added a whole lot of weapons.



US President Joe Biden, perhaps in a continuation of a theme installed during his reluctant 2020 campaign, is now engaged in a fairly obvious feud with Russian President Dictator Vladimir Putin, and it could put US troops in harm’s way in the coming days. You see, Biden was selected as the nominee by the Democratic Party, against what appeared for all intents and purposes to be his wish of staying out of it.  They believed that he could run as simply “not Donald Trump” and win, so, at each and every turn, his public relations team made sure to instill stark differences between the two old white guys running for President. If Trump wanted a border fence, Biden didn’t.  If Trump wanted to cut taxes, Biden would want to raise them.  If Trump liked cats, Biden liked dogs. And, apparently, if Trump had a functional relationship with the Kremlin, Biden would not. Now, after days of Moscow and Washington sending not-so-subtle threats in the direction of one another, Russia just went ahead and brought the guns out. Two missile ships – the Graivoron and Vyshny Volochek – are taking part in sea-level and aerial target practice alongside the missile hovercraft Samum while accompanied by frigate Admiral Makarov and mine-sweeping ship Ivan Golubets, the Russian navy’s Black Sea fleet command said. Meanwhile the first of two US warships – thought to be destroyers USS Donald Cook and USS Roosevelt – are expected to arrive in the Black Sea today, despite Russian warnings to keep them away ‘for their own good’. Ukraine announced it was also holding its own land-based drills with infantry and tank units rehearsing their defence against a tank and troop attack along the border with annexed Ukraine. Tensions between the two countries remained high today as Moscow showed no…

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Surgeon General Says They ‘Don’t Know’ if J&J Vaccine Caused Blood Clots

This certainly isn’t going to bode well for vaccine hesitancy.




As Americans prepare to pull themselves out of this coronavirus nightmare, and drag our economy back to the table while they’re at it, experts have long suggested that mass vaccinations could be the key to jumpstarting this much-needed reboot. This is no small task, of course, with research and development being rushed by Big Pharma to make way for the government to get involved in distribution.  That’s the sort of sentence that makes many Americans shudder with fear, knowing that neither of these gargantuan entities have a tendency to look out for the little guy. So, when the CDC announced earlier this week that they were suggesting a pause in the use of a COVID-19 vaccine made by J&J, all on account of some rare but scary side effects, many of us wondered if this would be a set back the threatens our national recovery plan. As if the vaccine’s side effects weren’t enough of an issue, the US Surgeon General, Dr. Vivek Murthy, has suggested on CNN that health experts aren’t even sure if the vaccine had anything to do with the reported maladies. Murthy said, “[W]hat we are trying to figure out right now is whether these unfortunate cases of clots are, in fact, related to the vaccine itself.” Murthy said, “So, the reason to pause, Anderson, there are a couple of reasons: One is to do the investigation quickly, to understand whether there’s a connection between the vaccine and the adverse events. But there’s another reason as well to pause, which is to give us time to speak to the medical community, to doctors, nurses, and others who are taking care of patients so we can enlist their help in looking for the kind of symptoms we may be concerned about and then have them report it.”…

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