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Democratic Rebuttal to Primetime POTUS Speech Will Denigrate Deceased Immigrants

The left has no idea just how offensive their rebuttal is going to be.



Nancy Pelosi

President Trump’s surprise announcement, made yesterday, regarding his primetime address at 9m Tuesday night, was strategic.

Make no mistake about it, the President knows exactly what he is doing.  By giving the liberal left an entire day to show their hand, Trump can tweak his message throughout the business day today in order to avoid the pitfalls of the democratic rebuttal – a joint effort by Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer scheduled to air immediately following the Commander in Chief.

Unfortunately, there is little hope that either of these democratic leaders will avoid one major pitfall in their rebuttal:  The complete disregard for human lives being lost on the border.

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Democrats have already dropped hints of what their response to President Donald Trump’s address Tuesday evening from the Oval Office on the border crisis will be.

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The networks have granted Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) airtime to respond. Their message will be that there is no crisis that merits building a barrier on the border. The only crisis, to them, is the partial government shutdown.

As Sen. Patrick Leahy (D-VT) said last week, responding to the suggestion Trump may declare an emergency so he can order the military to build the barrier: “There is no national emergency on the southern border.” He described the idea as “stealing resources from the Defense Department.”

Since when is a humanitarian crisis on American soil, or for the sake of reaching American soil, not an emergency.
Not only have we had two extremely heartbreaking stories about young children dying after their arduous journey through Mexico, but there have been scores and scores of undocumented migrants crossing into America malnourished, dehydrated, and sun-stroked in the back of semi trailers for years.
Tonight, you’ll hear the left say that “the wall” is “Trump’s idea”.  That will be false.  Border security is Trump’s plan.  With border security comes a wall, as well as a plan to intake as many legitimate asylum seekers and immigrants as possible.  These points of entry will be safe, free from the tumult of a trek across the desert, and free from the smugglers who prey on women and children.
What the left wants is to allow this nightmare to continue for the sake of annoying the President, especially given how staunchly folks like Chuck Schumer have fought for border security in the past.
This mean that, in summation, the left will spit on the graves of those who’ve died attempting to illegally and dangerously cross into the United States in order to score political points against a President with a plan.


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Democrats Already Turning to NEW ‘Russia’ Conspiracy

You knew they would have something up their sleeves.



Robert Mueller

With the end of Mueller’s so-called “Russia” investigation turning up nothing and leading to no serious crimes or indictments, the Democrats who have daily pushed the “Russia collusion” lie are already pivoting to a new conspiracy maintaining that Mueller is meaningless or is even part of the cover up! For over two years, now, the Democrats have told us that Special Counsel Robert Mueller is an “honorable” man who is above reproach. But now that it looks like he is not indicting the president, his sons, or anyone in Trump’s inner circle, the Democrats are starting to throw their “honorable man” under the bus and blaming him for being part of a wide-ranging “conspiracy.” After taking several days off Twitter, President Trump jumped back on the social media platform Sunday to show that he is in fine spirits and tweeting that it is a “great day.” But the joyous attitude is not shared by the dour Democrats whose Mueller god has failed them. House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler (D, NY), for instance, is now saying that Mueller’s investigation doesn’t mean a thing. Despite telling us all for two years that Mueller’s investigation was the key to Trump’s downfall, Nadler is now saying the investigation doesn’t mean anything because despite Mueller’s finding of no collusion, “We know there was collusion.” Nadler is sort of like Chicken Little crying the sky is falling despite the proof all around him that it isn’t. Democratic California Rep. Adam Schiff, chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, also jumped in on Sunday to insist that the evidence doesn’t matter because “we just know” things. Schiff claimed he trusted Mueller, but that his investigation is essentially meaningless. Schiff also claimed that Mueller hamstrung himself by not interviewing the president.  But there is a more…

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Dems Hold Emergency Call On Mueller Report, Plot Subpoenas, & REFUSE Classified Briefings

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John Salvatore



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