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Democrats Claimed They Wanted to Work with Trump, Then They Did THIS!

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The “Blue Wave” that was supposed to come in November never arrive for the democrats, forcing the doomed party to sheepishly admit that they would have to be play ball with President Trump this coming term.

Sure, the left took back the house, but they failed in the Senate, leading to the United States once again having a divided congress.  The President, for what it’s worth, felt as though this put him in a fine spot to negotiate with the democrats seeing as they would be coming to him for final approval of any number of pieces of legislation.

Now that we have begun this hotly divided congressional term in earnest, however, things seem to be headed a much different direction.

Not only have the democrats already, on day one, introduced articles of impeachment against Donald Trump, but now they are going after him very specifically in their latest ethics bill.

As one of their first big-ticket legislative proposals of the new Congress, House Democrats on Friday unveiled a sweeping anti-corruption, campaign finance and ethics reform package that takes aim at long-simmering concerns about President Donald Trump’s possible conflicts of interest between his actions as president and his family business.

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The massive proposal, known as “The For the People Act” and designated as “House Resolution 1,” also includes dozens of measures from Democrats on ethics and campaign finance reform, voting rights and election security. It would also require presidential and vice presidential candidates to release 10 years of their personal tax returns and require sitting presidents and vice presidents to do the same.

Trump famously refused to release his tax returns at his lawyer’s behest due to an ongoing audit.


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