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Democrats Want More Than 40 Tax Hikes in New $2 Trillion Tax Plan

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As if the coronavirus crisis isn’t bad enough on us all, the Democrats are planning to wallop everyone with more than 40 new tax hikes with their new $2 trillion tax proposal.

The tax and spend party is looking to hurt us all once again. First, they locked us down. Then they shut down our schools. Then they shuttered our business and caused us to lose our jobs. Now that want to fire us unless we get their vaccine… and next they want to bury us in new taxes.

How much worse can Democrats be for America?


House Democrats this week are moving forward with their long-awaited plan to raise taxes to help pay for their next big spending package. With more than 40 separate tax increases, collectively worth $2 trillion, it would be the largest package of tax increases in decades — and a test of Democrats’ willingness to raise rates.

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Lawmakers want the money to fund plans to greatly boost government benefits, from expanding access to pre-K programs to beefing up Medicare — though Democrats remain at odds over the plan’s total size, with Sen. Joe Manchin of West Virginia balking at designs to spend $3.5 trillion.

Democrats are now racing to move the plan though the House, with the Ways and Means Committee taking it up Monday and Tuesday. Speaker Nancy Pelosi plans to have it approved and out of the House by the end of this month.

Yes, you just have to ask, how much worse can Democrats make it for us all?

I guess they are counting the ways.

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