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Dems Secretly Funding 'Cannibal' Candidates to Split GOP Voters

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There are no shortage of dirty tricks up the sleeves of the Democratic Party, and their desperation always seems to peak just before election time rolls around.

The 2022 midterm elections are no exception, of course, made all the worse by the dire situation that the liberal left finds themselves in.  In fact, the Democrats are already propping up so-called “cannibal” conservatives, meant to split the GOP vote in several crucial races.

Political groups aligned with the Democratic Party are spending heavily to boost third-party longshot candidates in must-win races across the country as polls show Republicans gaining ground in the homestretch of the 2022 midterm elections.

Democratic groups have popped up in recent weeks to bolster third-party candidates in high-profile contests in which vulnerable Democrats are struggling.

Tied to Democratic operatives and firms, the groups are spending money to convince voters that the third-party longshots are the true “conservative” choice, efforts that can split the conservative vote and help ensure a Democratic victory.

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The tactic is a dirty one.

In Kansas, an organization called the American Center is putting tens of thousands of dollars behind independent gubernatorial nominee Dennis Pyle, who, in a recent poll, was at just 3% while the GOP and Democratic candidates were well ahead of him and running neck and neck. The American Center is working to contrast Pyle with the GOP nominee, Kansas Attorney General Derek Schmidt.

“Meet conservative independent Dennis Pyle,” says a recent digital ad sent out by the group via text message. “He’s running as an independent against RINO Derek Schmidt, who supports illegal immigrants getting in-state tuition in Kansas.

The American Center, which shares an address with a prominent Washington, D.C.-based law firm used by the Democratic Party, is also spending $92,000 on radio ads boosting Pyle as the “real conservative” in the governor’s race, intervening in the battle between Schmidt and incumbent Democratic Gov. Laura Kelly.

Of course, if the Democrats truly had an agenda worth running on, none of this would be necessary, and the use of such trickery is a sure sign of trouble on the left side of the aisle.

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