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Dems Won't Like This: Biden Admin May Soon Restart Border Wall Construction — Details

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In 2020, President Trump said all Americans would be eligible to get the COVID-19 vaccine by April 2021. He was resoundingly panned by the far-left mainstream media for making such a claim. As it turns out, Biden is set to declare that…get this…all Americans will be eligible to receive the vaccine by April 19.

Time and again, Trump was proven right.

When it comes to the wall, nothing is different.

From Washington Times:

Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas told department employees he may restart border wall construction to plug what he called “gaps” in the current barrier.

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In a conversation with Immigration and Customs Enforcement employees last week Mr. Mayorkas was asked about his plans for the wall and he said that while President Biden has canceled the border emergency and halted Pentagon money flowing to the wall, “that leaves room to make decisions” on finishing some “gaps in the wall.”

Mr. Mayorkas, according to notes of the ICE session reviewed by The Washington Times, said Customs and Border Protection, which oversees the wall, has submitted a plan for what it wants to see happen moving forward.

Here’s what Biden is set to announce…

Check out these tweets from liberal outlets last year…


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