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Dept. of Education Releases Report Documenting Number of School Shootings. NPR Says There's Just One Problem...

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A new report released by the Department of Education has stated that there were 235 school-related shootings in the U.S. during the 2015-2016 school year, but NPR was only able to actually confirm less than five percent of these incidents.

In other words, the organization tasked with educating children — a horrifically bad idea in and of itself — is drinking the liberal Kool-Aid and conflating the numbers to help the anti-gun agenda of progressives.

Of the 235 school-related shooting incidents, NPR only confirmed 11 of them. It reported 161 schools or school districts told NPR no shootings had occurred, four were miscategorized, and 59 could not be either confirmed or unconfirmed by NPR.

The huge discrepancy calls into question the reliability of data disseminated by the government on the pressing issue of school safety.

The Department of Education told NPR it relied on school districts to give accurate information in its annual Civil Rights Data Collection. It asked for the 2015-16 school year, “Has there been at least one incident at your school that involved a shooting (regardless of whether anyone was hurt)?” It published the eye-popping number—”nearly 240 schools (0.2 percent of all schools)” — this spring.

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It was nowhere close to the left-wing advocacy group Everytown for Gun Safety’s data on the question, which listed 29 shootings at K-12 schools during the same period. Only seven schools appeared on both the government’s and Everytown’s lists:

A separate investigation by the ACLU of Southern California also was able to confirm fewer than a dozen of the incidents in the government’s report, while 59 percent were confirmed errors.

One of the biggest reasons for the discrepancy in the Civil Rights Data Collection number was the Cleveland Metropolitan School District listing 37 incidents in its district alone for that year. Roseann Canfora, the district’s chief communications officer, told NPR that 37 schools had in fact reported incidents involving “possession of a knife or a firearm,” the previous question on the form. The district slotted the number in the wrong line in the survey.

This whole situation sheds light on a serious problem. When you have a biased organization that is infiltrated by left-wing zealots like the Department of Education is, you have to be weary of any data that comes out without interpreting it according to the definition of terms being used by said individuals.

The left redefines things all of the time as a means of moving the goal posts, meaning they know the actual facts don’t support their ideas or agenda, so they create “facts” of their own. It’s how they work.

If there’s ever been a time to consider yanking kids out of public schools, now is it.

Source: Free Beacon

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