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DeSantis Considers Taking Monumental Step to Protect Workers from Mandates

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Sunshine State Governor Ron DeSantis has long been erring on the side of freedom when it comes to the waning COVID-19 pandemic, and this week brought about one of his most poignant suggestions yet.

DeSantis has repeatedly rejected vaccine and mask mandates in Florida, despite pressure from several school districts, the CDC, and some portions of the travel industry.  This has also had the unfortunate effect of putting him directly in the crosshairs of the mainstream media as well.

The attention will likely continue now, as the Governor is suggesting that a new “bill of rights” could protect Florid’as workforce from undue overreach against their personal medical rights.

Speaking on Florida’s record-breaking domestic tourism numbers during a press conference in Fort Walton Beach, DeSantis talked about the restaurant industry in the state and the uphill battle the industry has faced throughout the Chinese coronavirus pandemic.

“It’s totally bizarre. Here in Florida, they’ve been able to do very well, and I think actually a lot of restaurants have never done better than they’ve done over the last year or so,” he said.

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However, he said some of these resorts and restaurants are still forcing their employees to wear masks, which he totally disagrees with. As an example, the governor explained how he would speak at a dinner event with 500 people in attendance — none of whom are wearing masks — but he noticed that members of the waitstaff were forced to wear a face-covering while serving those in attendance.

That’s when DeSantis floated the revolutionary idea.

“And I’m thinking to myself, ok why? What does that do? If they want to do it for themselves then fine. I think people should have that freedom. But in many cases they’re being forced to do it by the properties. And so I’d hate to say — maybe we need like a Workers’ Bill of Rights on some of this stuff just to let people breathe freely when they’re working,” he said, adding that he believes the forced masking is nothing more than “theater.”

DeSantis has often come away with the last laugh, however, particularly after a number of Democratic lawmakers have been spotted partying massless in the Sunshine State in recent weeks.

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