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DeSantis Signs Major School Safety Bill Days After Uvalde Massacre 

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In the wake of one of the most horrific mass shootings in recent memory, Florida Governor and rising Republican star Ron DeSantis is taking immediate and drastic action to prevent another such tragedy in the Sunshine State.

While lawmakers on Capitol Hill continue talks on gun reform, DeSantis has identified a number of key areas in which Florida’s schools can improve their safety and their awareness.

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis has signed a bill aimed at improving school safety in Florida following the Uvalde, Texas school shooting that left 21 people dead.

The bill, known as HB 1421, takes several steps to prevent school shootings in the future including requiring school safety officers to make complete crisis intervention training, allowing school safety officers to make arrests on charter school property and requiring school districts annually certify that 80% of school personnel have received youth mental health awareness training.

The governor was proud of the work of state legislators.

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“Every child needs a safe and secure learning environment,” DeSantis said in a press release. “By signing HB 1421, we continue to build on the many steps we have taken since 2019 to implement the recommendations of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas Public Safety Commission, while also making record investments in mental health and school safety.”

DeSantis’ national presence has been increasing in recent months, with many political strategists beginning to wonder if the Florida Governor isn’t preparing himself for a shot at the presidency in 2024.

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