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DeSantis Suspends State Attorney Who Would Defy Abortion Law

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As Florida Governor Ron DeSantis continues his quest to raise his national profile, he’s making a major move in the name of the state’s new abortion law.

The Sunshine State lawmaker has been tight-lipped about any potential plans to run for office in 2024, but his actions speaks louder than words as he meets with mega-donors halfway across the country.

And his latest move back home in Florida will undoubtedly be seen as advantageous to DeSantis’ work in courting MAGA voters – something that will certainly come in handy if he does announce a potential run for the White House.

Republican Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis suspended liberal State Attorney Andrew Warren on Thursday.

DeSantis made the announcement during a press conference broadcast on social media. DeSantis argued that Warren has repeatedly refused to enforce laws passed by the legislature cracking down on child sex change surgeries and abortion restrictions.

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“We are suspending Soros-backed 13th circuit state attorney Andrew Warren for neglecting his duties as he pledges not to uphold the laws of the state,” DeSantis’ office said in a statement. The 13th circuit falls over Florida’s Hillsborough County.

And, in an attempt to distance the move from partisan politics:

“This isn’t about abortion or any one thing, it’s about having accountability to our system of law and order to prosecute crime. There has been a pattern developing in Hillsborough County where one person picks and chooses which laws he wishes to enforce,” [DeSantis’] office stated.

Warren responded harshly, suggesting that DeSantis’ maneuver was an “illegal overreach”.

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