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Despite Trump's Tirades, ICE is Still "Catching and Releasing" in El Paso

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The number one issue facing our country today must be illegal immigration.  There truly is no other contender.

For reasons that should be obvious, this statement is a no-brainer.  Not only do we face the challenges of the act itself, but we are reaping those same difficulties politically as the liberal left refuses to yield to the will of the American people on the subject of a border wall.

So now, instead of simply concerning ourselves with the very real issues of narco-terror cartel galavanting across our border on the daily, we are also being bombarded with the somewhat troubling reality of a government shutdown that threatens the livelihood of some of America’s hardest working citizens.  (And no, I’m not talking about Congress here…rather, the fine folks at the National Park Service and other citizen-level government agencies).

Now, despite the focus that we’ve given to the issue of immigration, and the strong words of President Trump on the subject, we are still witnessing an unbelievable sight.

One-hundred-eighty-six more migrants were released in downtown El Paso, Texas by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement on Christmas Day, reports the CBS affiliate there, KDBC-TV. That came after approximately 400 were released in the southwest Texas city in the two days before Christmas.

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Democratic Congressman Beto O’Rourke, who represents El Paso, said he’d been told some 500 more would be released there Wednesday.

Local nonprofit groups told the station the key difference Tuesday was that they were notified in advance by ICE of the mass release, something the groups and O’Rourke said didn’t happen previously.

As a result, the nonprofits were a bit more prepared for the large influx.

The moment comes just days after President Trump lambasted the concept of “catch and release” for illegal immigrants, conveying that he instead believes that we should be, (or are already), adhering a to program of “catch and detain”.

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