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Devin Nunes: 'Roll Out' of Trump's 'Truth Social' Will Bring Big Tech 'Freaks' to Their Knees

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The TRUTH Social app will have its moment of truth Monday as the first group of users who have pre-ordered the app from the Apple Store will be able to use the platform.

It’s the first major project of the Trump Media and Technology Group and was first announced by former President Donald Trump in October, saying it was part of his ongoing battle to break the hold of existing Big Tech companies on the ability of Americans to share ideas freely on social media.

“TRUTH Social will fight back against Big Tech so we can protect our rights to free expression,” Trump said in a news release earlier this month.

According to Fox Business, users who pre-ordered the app will be given access over the next 10 days.

The app is already used by Fox News host Sean Hannity and conservative commentator Dan Bongino, Turning Point USA founder Charlie Kirk, and country music singer Travis Tritt, Fox Business reported.

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Former Republican Rep. Devin Nunes, who in December became the CEO of TMTG, appeared on the Fox News show “Sunday Morning Futures” to talk up the venture.

“Every day we bring on more and more Americans and we’re getting to you as quickly as possible,” Nunes said, about the 8:20 mark of the interview below.

“We’re doing something that is really, Maria, it’s just such a great opportunity for President Trump, for me, for our whole team that’s working at TMTG around the clock, especially as you see the excitement of people who have been booted from social media for the last two or three years,” Nunes said.

Do you think this venture will succeed?

“I mean, there’s excitement on our platform right now and people, it’s inspirational,” he said.

“Honestly, it’s just it’s actually very moving for me to see people that are on the platform that have had their voice canceled. You know, that’s  that’s our main goal here, is to give people their voice back.”

Nunes said that feedback is sharpening TRUTH Social’s ability to meet the needs of its users. He said he expects it to be “fully operational” by the end of March.

He said TRUTH Social leaders “value our customers and we want them to tell us what they would like to have on the platform, Maria.”

“Which is the opposite of some Silicon Valley tech oligarch freak telling people what they want to think and deciding who can or cannot be on the platform,” Nunes said. “We’re really taking just the opposite approach, which is valuing our customers.”

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Trump outlined the goals of TRUTH Social in an Oct. 26 news release.

“America has always been a nation of smart, spirited, and independent people who take pride in thinking for themselves. We admire those who aren’t afraid to speak their minds, or go against the tide. Yet suddenly, we find ourselves being censored and dictated to by a small group of self-righteous scolds and self-appointed arbiters of what everyone else is allowed to think, say, share, and do,” he said.

“Nowhere is this censorship more dangerous and brazen than on social media, the public square of our times,” he said. “The corruption of these platforms cannot be ignored. We have fallen far down the ‘slippery slope’ of censorship in our country, and the topics that Americans are increasingly forbidden to debate are among the most important issues of our day.

TRUTH Social, Trump promised, “will be as free, vibrant, lively, and diverse as America itself.”

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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