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DHS Oversight Body Accused of Abandoning Search for Missing Texts

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As the January 6th select committee continues in their attempts to drum up a large, dramatic “coverup” story surrounding the events of that day, a new set of accusations have been levied against a government watchdog group that was previously investigating a number of missing text messages.

The high drama of the committee, (which has employed a former ABC television executive in their quest to entertain the nation), has been buoyed by claims that the Secret Service deleted a number of text messages from on and around January 6th, 2021.  The agency has denied any wrongdoing, claiming that a system update forced the loss of the records.

Now, in yet another wild twist to the tale, there are claims that the Department of Homeland Security may also have missing records.

The watchdog at the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) abandoned efforts to recover missing text messages from across its various agencies deleted in the wake of Jan. 6 and minimized its criticism of those that failed to produce them, according to emails released by lawmakers.

The evidence, released Monday by the House committees on Oversight and Homeland Security, was accompanied by a renewed call for Inspector General Joseph Cuffari to step aside from his investigations into how DHS agencies responded to the Jan. 6 attack.

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“These documents raise troubling new concerns that your office not only failed to notify Congress for more than a year that critical evidence in this investigation was missing, but your senior staff deliberately chose not to pursue that evidence and then appear to have taken steps to cover up these failures,” the committees wrote in a letter to Cuffari.

Cuffari’s involvement has irked some members of Congress as well, with Dick Durbin of Illinois demanding that he step down and allow AG Merrick Garland to assume his role in the investigation into the missing texts.

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