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Diminishing Doubt (Opinion)




How do you deal with the hard questions of life? Where can you go when your faith is being swallowed up by piercing questions about God without being shamed for having them? If you have ever struggled with doubt, you are not alone.

Take a journey with Best Selling Author Dominic Done, as he dives into the subject of faith and doubt, and uncovers surprising insights about it in his new book, When Faith Fails. This book will take you to the pit of doubt and help you remove the stones of hurt, inadequacy, and fear. Through gritty engagement with life’s hardest questions, faith can be reclaimed, and intimacy with God is reborn.

Writer and pastor Dominic Done studied Theology at the University of Oxford. Using story, literature, history, and humor, he challenges you to forget the old approach to doubt, in which doubt is often suppressed or denied; and encourages you to wrestle through them with honesty and authenticity.

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According to a recent study, 2/3 of Americans who identify as Christian say they experience doubt. This can be the byproduct of our secular age in which doubts have become mainstream, unresolved, lingering questions about God, the Bible, or a tragic life-experience. Dominic writes,

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Growing up, I struggled with doubt because of the brokenness I saw in my family. It was hard to reconcile belief in a good, loving God with what I had seen and experienced. Other things confused me too: prayer, Christians who appeared so angry when they believed in a God of love, lack of unity in the church, other religions, the silence of God, forgiveness, and so on. But mostly, I struggled to understand why a good God would allow so much pain in the world. And I’m not just talking about the obvious things like cancer and war but the wounds that touch us all: alcoholism, failed marriages, crippling anxiety, depression, eating disorders, addictions, unemployment, hopelessness, self-harm, abuse…

Dominic argues that although doubt is incredibly disruptive, it also has redemptive power. Doubt can push you into a deeper, more vulnerable faith. It teaches you how to trust. It motivates you to explore the cracks in your worldview to see what needs to be abandoned or reconstructed.

This can begin by investing a season reexamining the structure of your faith. No distractions, just you, committing yourself to acquiring knowledge while studying the topics that cause you to doubt. Write down the things that have cultivated doubt in you. Revisit situations that have created uncertainty and learn what you can do to make those parts whole again. Seek a safe place to grapple with your doubts.

Whether it be an online, faith-based community, a physical community, or a church, find your people. They’re closer than you think. According to Dominic, “Church at its best is unvarnished vulnerability, without masks and pretense. It’s being honest with the real and wounded you and then allowing yourself to be adorned with grace. It’s the liberating choice to let people see you at your worst, so they can see God at his best.”

Eric Mitchell (USMC-Ret) is the CEO of LifeFlip Media, nationally recognized PR professional and a GOP analyst.

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